If there is ever a time that our collective enthusiasm for fitness takes a back seat, it is during the holiday season. Starting with Thanksgiving, and carrying on well into January, more people are into growing a bloated belly than a bicep, breaking the habits of a bodybuilding lifestyle – and well, any routine.

Getting back in shape is an imposing task, one that requires a whole lot of willpower. Armed with unbeatable determination and past experience, however, it is possible to make a triumphant comeback early into the new year. Here are a few tips for getting on track in January!

Brace yourself - New Years Resolution Gym-Goers Are Coming // The PumpUp Blog

Make a New Year Workout Plan

It is known that the longer you wait, the harder it is to restore agym-going routine. Thus, getting sidetracked off of your routine means investing extra effort into making things right. The first thing to consider is what the best comeback workout is. You might not be in the shape you once were, but muscle memory is a power source that helps you gain a head start. This means that muscle fibers are activated more quickly, making it is easier to gain mass, if they were well defined in the past. That puts all you PumpUpers in a better position than your friends who are only just making their NY resolutions!

Muscle building as a whole is categorized into 4 time-based stages. Everybody starts out with sedentary muscle mass (none), and can reach their genetic limit within 5 years of training. Of course, there are stops between these two stages, and these muscles will last you for a while when you stop training (for a while).

Make a new year workout plan - The fast guide to getting on track in january // The PumpUp Blog

To reach the next phase, you need to engage in advanced exercises such as weighted pull-ups. Low reps in combination with high weight spur the best strength gain results. Just do not forget to rest between reps! Lack of recovery will do you more harm than good. In any case, the time needed to achieve desired results depends on the amount of muscle mass that you had in the past. It's not exactly like riding a bicycle, but it'll come back to you.

Make a New Year Eating Plan

Make a new year eating plan - The Fast Guide to Getting on Track in January // The PumpUp Blog

You can't discuss a successful routine without mentioningan appropriate diet plan. Not changing your diet drastically is the backbone of success to getting on track in January. The New Year is a good time to swear off chocolate, wine, coffee and other substances that are doing you no favors but taste oh-so-festive. Eating right means that one should take in a healthy balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, but of course you know that as a tried and tested fitness warrior. Of course, fitness goals vary, as some people want to bulk up, while others aim to trim down.

Regardless, to join the elite club again, you can take a head start and use supplements that help you do the job right. Whether you need more energy or you simply aren't burning up enough fat with your workout, there is a safe and tested way to kickstart your body into ignition mode. Protein bars complement real food and allow you stay on top of fitness goals. Vital strength hydroxy ripped proteins are made of whey and casein protein, and they're thermogenic in nature, meaning that their job is to help you burn the right stuff. On top of this, key vitamins and minerals are always an important addition to any workout.

Once the comeback threshold is achieved, you navigate uncharted waters. At that point, it is important to keep yourself motivated to prevent breaking the habit again. Never lose sight of your goals and keep a record of your progress. That gives most people the necessary push and puts them in the right mindset. That is, hands down, the most important factor for the speed at which you can trigger your dormant muscle memory and start getting on track in January.

Stick to Your Goals

There are many reasons why people take a break from exercising, and these are particularly plentiful during holidays. However, you can build on the foundation of the muscle memory, so no need to despair. You may feel like you've lost everything you've built up before your break, but know that results will come much faster this time. Know why you made your break, and know what you need to cut out to get back in the saddle. After all, half the people in the gym in early January are there because of their resolutions, and everybody knows how that usually turns out (unfortunately). You know your drill, you can be the comeback master!

About the Author This article was written by Kate Flannery, a Body Combat and Caesar salad enthusiast. As a blogger, she focuses on health and fitness topics, debunking popular fitspo myths, and in her free time, she sails. Check out Kate’s website at High Style Life and find her on Twitter @kateinthenorth.

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