Finding your friends or family the perfect holiday gift can be a thrill. We live in an age where every type of product is at our fingertips, one click of an ‘Order’ button away. With browsing inventory and ordering specific items made easier than ever with the internet, holiday shopping mostly comes down to one thing: knowing what to get.

If you have a friend who you know to be a mountain biking fan, then your holiday gift shopping is even easier than you think. The 2015 holiday season has an ample array of perfect holiday gifts for your mountain biker friend, including the seven below:

Gloves and Winter-Wear

Gifts for mountain biker friends - Gloves // The PumpUp Blog

Chances are, your mountain biker friend doesn’t just stop their hobby due to some cold weather and ice. They’ll likely be out there throughout the winter months. As such, they will want warmth and comfort, which you can provide by giving them gloves or other winter-wear for the holidays. Giro DND Gloves are one example of gloves that bikers typically enjoy; the gloves provide durability and warmness by being built from three durable pieces of Clarino synthetic leather, while the back is comprised of a four-way stretch mesh. Plus, the flex areas on the knuckles provide for flexibility and comfort for those long rides.

High Quality Biking Towels

High Quality Biking Towels // The PumpUp Blog

Just like you would want to use a different towel for when you are at the gym than what you use at home, making sure your friend is stocked with some towels - specifically for their dirty and fast-paced trips - is a simple yet practical, as well as useful, gift to give. They can keep these towels conveniently in their backpack, which is useful for a variety of things, including wiping off sweat, ensuring that their seat isn’t slippery and cleaning off potential grease or messiness in case of a mid-ride tune-up.

Portable Toolkit

Portable Tool Kit // The PumpUp Blog

Speaking of a potential mid-ride tune-up or repair, any serious mountain biker is aware of the prospect of their bike encountering technical difficulties during a ride. If they’re riding in an isolated area miles and miles away from society, having a portable toolkit can be an extremely important resource to ensure they can repair their bike and make it back safely.

The Lezyne Port-A-Shop is one suggestion; it features essential cycling-specific tools that are organized and labeled within a durable zip-up case. Plus, it has room for additional tools, if you want to add to the large-tire wrenches, various blocks, saber levels and various spokes.

Cyclist-Friendly Gift Cards

Mountain Biker Gift Cards - MEC Gift Card // The PumpUp Blog

While this may seem to be a “cop-out”, gift cards for a niche-specific thing like mountain biking are often very resourceful. Many gifts for mountain bikers require a specific size (like hand size or bike type), so if you don’t know this information then it may be more useful to just get your friend a gift card to a local bike shop. Simply search Yelp or Google in your area for business that specialize in mountain biking and see if they offer gift cards.

Specific Trail Maps and “Travel Kit”

Travel Kits // The PumpUp Blog

Has there been a trail that your friend has been talking about nonstop, about how they want to ride it? If so, it presents the perfect opportunity to craft a “travel kit” based around that specific journey. Firstly, get a trail map from the trail in question (often the hosting park has this available in their office or website). After that, make a collection of biker-friendly snacks - like trail mix and granola bars - and small biking gifts, like the aforementioned high quality towels. This “travel kit” will show that you care and were listening when they mentioned wanting to travel a specific path. The gift will motivate them to finally ride that trail/path and they will cherish it as a result.

A Full Servicing or Tune-Up

If a gift card sounds too bland, set your friend up with a full servicing at a bike shop. Bikes, especially those that are used often, can suffer from wear and tear - from deflated tires to a loose jiggling seat that can result in back pain. Buying your friend a comprehensive bike servicing will ensure that their bike continues to ride smoothly. Just ensure that they haven’t had a tune-up recently; if they have, you’re better off going with one of the options above instead.

A Bike Workstand

Bike Workstand // the PumpUp Blog

OK - maybe your friend is the DIY type, the kind who scoffs at the notion of bringing their bike or car in for repair or a tune-up. If so, then consider getting them a new bike work stand. This comprehensive buyer’s guide presents all one needs to know regarding the purchase, from potential extras to the precise type of work stand you should be looking for (tube clamping or axle/bottom bracket mount work stands).

These seven gifts should undoubtedly bring a big smile to your mountain biker friend’s face when they open their gift.

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