While many people would love to look their best while working out, it doesn't always happen. More than ever– particularly when we see celebrities looking flawless in their workout gear– we aspire to be the best versions of ourselves, sweat or no sweat.  Here are some secrets to looking your best while working out.

Find the Right Fit

Find the right fit | 4 secrets to looking your best while working out // The PumpUp Blog

While most people prefer to work out in loose clothes in order to hide, as Bridget Jones would put it, a few 'wobbly bits', the truth is that baggy clothes can make a person look bigger than they actually are. Regardless of your size, no matter if you are size 4 or 14,  clothes that fit your body will make you feel more comfortable and keep you looking your best while working out.

Fitted clothes don't have to make you feel uneasy, either. If your arms are a source of insecurity, opt for clothing with longer sleeves instead of strappy shirts! With brands like Leonisa Shapewear, it’s easy to find the right fit for your size and shape.

Keep it Clean

Keep it clean | 4 Secrets to Looking Your Best While Working Out // the PumpUp Blog

It seems counter-intuitive to take a shower or scrub up before the gym, since you'll probably be sweating anyway. But greasy hair and oily skin might not be the best confidence boost, dampening your motivation to work your hardest. If you're heading to the gym straight from work or school, give your skin a quick refresh with wet wipes. Pack dry shampoo in your bag so that you can spruce up your hair at any time.

Also, make sure your workout gear is clean. The odour of unwashed workout clothes tends to build up over time, so give them a wash before you head to the gym.

Wear Waterproof Make-Up

Waterproof makeup | The secrets to looking your best while working out // The PumpUp Blog

If you insist on wearing makeup to the gym, remember that powder and blush can result in blemishes and irritation. Waterproof mascara is an easy win. Your eyes will stand out, and sweating won't cause the mascara to run. You can also try wearing chapstick or lipstick that is similar to your natural colour. If other people can rock it,  so can you.

Tie Your Hair

Tie Your Hair | 4 Secrets to Looking Your Best While Working Out // The PumpUp Blog

Loose and sweaty hair can irritate your face, tangle, and cause you to overheat, especially if you're doing more cardio-intensive activity.  Secure your hair with a braid, a bun, or a ponytail. Invest in an accessory like a sweatband or a headband to keep stray hairs under wraps during a tough workout.

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