With the holiday season here, we’re looking forward to the year to come. People can turn over a new leaf and think about what they might like to change or accomplish in 2013. Whether it be something as simple as complimenting a stranger every day, or losing 20 pounds, the New Years resolution is something most of us make in someway or another — BUT rarely actually follow. Look back on the past year — did you honor your new years resolution? Are you still going to the gym 4 times per week like you promised yourself? Or did you fall into the realization that some bad habits are hard to change. Well, maybe you didn’t, but I sure did! I told myself I was going to wake up every morning before class and go to the gym. But there’s something about a warm bed during a cold Canadian winter that just makes you not want to get up! Nobody’s perfect, but this year, I challenge you! Make a New Years resolution and honor it.

Here are some tips to picking a good New Years resolution:

  1. Pick something realistic. Choose something that isn’t easy enough to conquer overnight, but not impossible.
  2. Use the buddy system. Find a workout partner, or just someone to keep up-to-date on your progress, and keep each other motivated.
  3. Set secondary goals. If you want to lose 20 pounds, make 5 pound markers and focus on hitting the next marker.
  4. Don’t be discouraged by setbacks. Things happen that we can’t control, but don’t let them stop you! Keep at your goal and fight your way back if you get off-track.
  5. Enjoy the ride! Think about how satisfied you will be once you complete your goal, and use that as the motivation to push you towards achieving it.

We’ve built PumpUp to help you achieve your New Years resolution by making personalized workouts that will help you reach your goals!

Please post your new years resolution for this coming year and tell us any stories you have about past resolutions of your own! Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter for more tips and tricks to achieving your goals.

Happy New Years!