Fitting in time for a workout throughout the work week isn’t always easy. Instead of hunkering down at your desk for the day, try getting active at lunch. Not only will you feel great about finding time for fitness, you’ll discover yourself re-energized for the rest of the day.

Think it’s out of reach? Lunch time fitness may be more obtainable then you’ve reasoned with just a little planning. Start by packing a bag the night before with all the necessities. You’ll want to bring workout apparel, toiletries, and a lunch box filled with great refuel for post workout. In the morning be sure to get in a balanced breakfast with proper portions of carbs, fiber, and protein. At work, prep at your desk with a light snack, and a stretch. Time to start? Have a RUNCH (running lunch), try a circuit workout or work in body split strength training. Freshen up with your bag of goodies then the healthy lunch you’ve packed before returning to your day.  You’ll find you’ve made the most of your lunch, and treat yourself to the workout you deserve!

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