(How PumpUp member shanonxd rewards herself)

This Motivation Monday, we’re talking treats. How you reward yourself for treating yourself well. It takes a tremendous amount of physical, mental, and emotional effort to commit to a lifestyle changebelieve us, we’d throw a Jay Gatsby party for every one of you if we could.  

From relaxation, to food, to setting ALL the goals, we’re celebrating YOU, PumpUp, by telling your stories about celebration.


(How PumpUp member @magical_mermaid rewards herself)

Let’s go to the beach….let’s go get away. After a month of amazing workouts, meals, and test scores, @magical_mermaid shares, "My reward […is] a day at the beach with my Mom that includes an early morning walk or run on the sand, plus boogie boarding if the waves are safe." Likewise, PumpUp member @annanastasiaryzhova runs on the beach after reaching a goal. She admits with a smile, "I also like to cross something off my bucket list…I’m dying my hair a blue black." 


(How PumpUp member @wvgirl rewards herself)

Many of you reward yourself through rest and relaxation. A resounding chorus of “sleep” resonated as a reward throughout the community, but massages and bubble baths were also popular options for easing tension. As @wvgirl puts succinctly, "We are hard on our bodies…we have to take care of it!" 


(How PumpUp member khathreehna rewards herself)

PumpUp members love to take care of their bodies, and some motivate themselves with changes to their outward appearance when they complete a goal. Whether it’s buying new gym clothes, getting a new piercing, or even getting a new half-sleeve tattoo, certain outward changeswhether big or smallmake you feel motivated to keep going. 


(How PumpUp member @gmol rewards herself)

Other PumpUp members demonstrated their great sense of balance when discussing how they give themselves an extra pat on the back with food.  Whether it’s something homemade and savoury like @kat2120’s homemade pizza or something  nice and sweet like @hollfit’s banana ice cream (ask her about it!), PumpUp member @gmol wisely states that, "Healthy eating is just as much about enjoying yourself in a healthy mental space as it is about eating veggies!" 

Last but not least, being able to blast through achievements is in itself an amazing form of gratification!  Says @shannonxd, "I don’t really have a reward. It’s just the feeling of pride. I feel proud of myself for accomplishing somethingthat is my reward.” We’re inspired by those who set more goals for themselves like @alexisweber71465, who says that "I usually reward myself by doing a few more reps of exercises than usual so I never lose focus of what my next goal is."

Keep movin’ on up, PumpUp! We’re so proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves too! Thank you for letting us know how you, PumpUp, reward yourselves!