The beacon of our Sunday Spotlight beams upon PumpUp member jackieshrinks! Jackie’s love for outdoor running and her “Do it for yourself” philosophy became a lifestyle change—she has so far lost 25 lbs! She hopes to inspire others, having struggled with fatigue and health problems along her journey and aspires to create customized nutrition plans in the future.  Read all about Jackie down below and give her a follow @jackieshrinks!image

Jackie transformed her love for the outdoors into something that eased her in to the rhythm of running. “Find something you love to do!” advises Jackie. “I loved to get out of the house so I decided to run.” Her lifestyle is now more balanced, healthy, and active. “I try to run every other day when I have time or go to the gym after school on weekdays,” says Jackie.

Prior to joining PumpUp, Jackie professes, “I was neglecting and denying my diabetes and just eating whatever I wanted. Before gaining 20 pounds during the winter, I struggled with an eating disorder so it fluctuated a lot.” It wasn’t without struggle but Jackie has been a rock star at surpassing obstacles. “I had to overcome a lot of fatigue and health problems during my weight loss journey,” she says. “A few people were telling me I [couldn’t] do it, but I just told myself that I’m doing this for myself and for my health and how good I’ll feel after my run or after eating something healthy.”


 She has since been making steady but nevertheless incredible progress by going on longer runs and beating personal bests. The running and sprinting has been paying off in a big way.  Jackie tracks her changes every week through measurements and pictures and sees more and more muscle definition in her legs. 

“Don’t trust the scale, and don’t weigh yourself every day,” Jackie emphasizes. “You’re not going to lose 25 pounds in a week. It took me three to four months to get to where I am today.” Her transformation story is attributable to both exercise and food. She has become passionate about cooking and admits earnestly that she enjoys meal prepping and writing out her meals. “I cut out gluten and dairy. I cut my calories to 1200-1500 at first. Now it’s around 1500-1700.” Mindful eating and bursts of activity in the midst of her busy schedule have indeed kept her pumped up as she tracks her progress with PumpUp.


Jackie hopes to inspire people with what she has accomplished with her weight loss, and she is driven to only get healthier from this point forward. “In the future I really really want to make customized workout and nutrition plans for people!,” gushes Jackie. “I still feel like that same girl I was 25 pounds heavier but I know I’m so much happier and so much better so I’m just hoping to get better from here!” 

Her brother a huge inspiration for her, in addition to people on PumpUp! “[My brother] lost 80 pounds in 2011 and he’s kept it off! He works out almost every day even if he goes to the gym at 2am,” explains Jackie.  As for other members on PumpUp, she gleefully says, “It would take me so long to list all of them, but a few are @melodie_prudhomme , @_jackjacobs_ (an attractive guy always helps motivate haha), @yalua , @bangerz10 and many more.”


Healthy Eats: “I LOVE homemade sweet potato fries and smoked prosciutto. I have SO many recipes! I’m actually thinking of writing an eBook if anyone would be interested.” (The answer is YES we would be!!) 

Motivational Mantra: “Do it for yourself”

How Jackie Stays Active: “I love to run, sprint, dance, yoga, do weight training and anything to get my heart rate up and will keep my attention!”

More about Jackie: “I’m Russian (I speak Russian as well), I’m a singer, I play guitar, I write my own music, I like making cosplay, and I’m obsessed with anime movies.”

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