PumpUp member @mel_bourne's transformation has been two years in the making. It didn't happen overnight, and it wasn't all about the scale. "That's how I looked in a dress," she confided.  "I didn't feel very confident at that time in my life, but now I'm so happy about my progress! I feel much more confident in clothes." Mel's happiness is palpable in all of the photos that she shares with the PumpUp community. Mel's non scale victory inspires us

You can always count on her to have a big smile on her face after a difficult session at the gym. No matter how exhausted she feels after a weightlifting session, Mel always expresses how content she is with her strength. "I don't want another girl's body," she insisted.  "I want my body: leaner, stronger, and healthier. I love the support from my PumpUp family. I'm pretty proud and I only hope to inspire more people." Through healthy eating and a consistent exercise regimen, Mel lost over 15.1 kilograms and gained a world of confidence since she began her journey. Keep her pumped!

Can you relate to Mel's non scale victory? Share about it in the comments below and remember to post your transformation photos on #TransformationTuesday! We welcome every story, be it a scale-related accomplishment or a non scale victory.