Exactly one year ago, things were very different for PumpUp member @sadiefit. "I had no self esteem, I felt tired every day, and I thought I could never make it," she recounted. She revealed how drastically her life changed on Transformation Tuesday. "Today, I felt more than that. I felt alive. It's crazy to think about how much a person can change in just one year...not just physically, but mentally as well." Sadie lost 45+ lbs so far and gained so much confidence. She stayed motivated thanks to the help of PumpUp's positive fitness community. "I'd like to thank every single PumpUp member out there," she insisted. "They've been encouraging me every day."

Sadie's success derives from a combination of healthy eating and plenty of exercise. When Sadie tried on a medium shirt two weeks ago, she couldn't believe how well it fit her. "My coach gave me a shirt and asked if I was a large," she explained. "I proudly said that I was a medium! I'm pretty happy. I came [doing from being] a size XL." This year has been a year of 'firsts' for Sadie. "I wore a bikini for the first time ever," she said happily. "It felt great." She loves going on runs, trains in MMA, Muay Thai boxing, and jiujitsu, and is sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. "I never had any full body pictures," she added. "It's crazy to look at [photos on Transformation Tuesday] and know that I looked so dead. But it's over. I'm never looking back."

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