"I used to hate looking at my body," explained PumpUp member @priscillanavia91, who has lost over 40 pounds over the course of her weight loss journey. "Now I look at it every morning to keep me motivated." Priscilla is no stranger to setting new goals. She uses different benchmarks to keep herself motivated. It's working: Priscilla has reached her weight loss goal twice. "I wanted so badly to be at least 145 lbs when I was still at 180 lbs," she recounted. "Then, I wanted to be 135 lbs. I've set a new goal for myself: 125 lbs. 11 more pounds and I'm there." Her year-long transformation is a manifestation of two things: a consistent exercise schedule and balanced, but nutritious meals. Priscilla swears by cardio and especially weightlifting. She also stopped eating fast food and overcame her persistent cravings for sugar. "Don't be too strict with your diet," she counselled. "You'll go crazy. I tried counting calories and eating 5-6 times a day, but with my busy schedule, I couldn't keep up with that. I don't consider how I eat as a 'diet' anymore. I just eat really clean." Her perspective on food is one that many people can relate to and her progress is absolutely admirable.

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