How's that New Year's resolution of shedding the pounds coming along? This time of year, everyone clamors to get their workout regime fired up, so it’s terrific for gyms and trainers. However, come March and April, those same eager beavers start making up excuses of why they can't work out anymore. The number one cause seems to be lack of motivation.

That lack of motivation can often be tied to a phenomenon known as gym fatigue— and it isn't about physically getting tired after a workout. That should always happen. Gym fatigue can crop up when a person becomes bored with the same routines and exercise equipment. They could try enhancing their workout playlist but without that motivation, it's hard to work up a sweat. The solution? It might be time to shake things up by exercising outside of the box. Perhaps it's time to try some unusual exercise equipment. Here are some stand-out pieces of equipment you could add to your workout routine.

Unusual Exercise Equipment

Battling Ropes

Exercise equipment you haven't tried (but should) // The PumpUp Blog

Do you remember how much fun you had jumping rope as a kid? That's not this. Battling ropes are more akin to the kind of ropes you might find down on the docks uses to moor huge ships. The idea is that you take these 2-inch wide braided strands of hemp and anchor them to a post. You then grab one rope in each hand and start undulating them, creating a wave affect. It might not look complicated, but it will give your entire body a complete workout.

What did you do in the gym today? "I played with some ropes." That totally works.

Underwater Treadmill

Any amount of time spent on a treadmill can result in a powerful cardio workout. Is there are way to elevate that routine? There is if you go underwater. The underwater treadmill is a fantastic way to add total body resistance to your cardio workout and engage all kinds of muscle groups. Physical therapists have been using this type of workout for years, and now it’s gaining in popularity for folks who want to power up their treadmill routines. As an added bonus, you also get an instant cool off when the session is done.

Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo Jumps - Unusual Exercise Equipment you haven't tried (but should) // The PumpUp Blog

Kangoo Jumps are described as "low-impact rebound shoes." They act like a personalized trampoline that allows you to get all kinds of bouncing action going on. You can run in place, do jumping jacks or just bounce. It's a fun cardio workout for people who want to go higher with their calorie burn.


The Bodyblade - Unusual exercise equipment you haven't tried (but should) // The PumpUp Blog

As the title implies, the Bodyblade is a long flexible blade with a handle in the middle. The Bodyblade workout involves shaking that blade as if your life depended on it. This is referred to as “vibration and inertia training.” Apparently, this has been a thing since 1991. Yes, there are Bodyblade classes that are like spin cycle, but with blades. It's also a decent home workout piece of equipment as it is not heavy and can easily be stored. Thousands of Bodybladers can't be wrong.

Weighted Sleds

Weighted sleds - exercise equipment you haven't tried (but should) // The PumpUp Blog

Do you want to know what it feels like to be an Alaskan husky pulling a dog sled? Give a weighted sled a try. This is the same kind of equipment you'll find at many NFL training camps. Stack the sled with weights, attach the harness onto your hips and then, "Mush!" It’s good for cardio and for working out the leg muscles. 


Xiser - Exercise equipment you haven't tried (but should) // The PumpUp Blog

Do you enjoy a little Stairmaster action for a cardio workout? It's a very popular machine. In fact, it is so popular that it’s often hard to get on one. The X-iser changes all that by providing a mini-Stairmaster experience you can do at home. This is the kind of exercise equipment that can be slipped under the bed or propped up against the wall without taking up much space, and it provides the same kind of workout you would get climbing stadium stairs. By the way, Navy SEALS use the X-iser in some of their training.

The true testament to any piece of exercise equipment is longevity. There has certainly been a fair amount of workout fads that have come and gone. Keep watching Shark Tank, and you're sure to see a bunch more. In the meantime, try a few of these tried-and-true methods to give your work out motivation a boost.

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