To the window, to the wall-(sit)

Wall-sits work your quadriceps (colloquially known as quads). They are a group of four muscles at the front of your thighs that straighten your leg from your knee. It’s important to have strong quads to boost your speed and stamina for various sports like cycling and kickboxing. The wall-sit is a static exercise that will help you become the next Bruce Lee in no time.
According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the longest wall-sit ever held was achieved by Dr. Thienna Ho for an impressive time of 11 hr 51 min 14 sec.
Do a wall-sit at any point today and comment how long you held it below (have your back against the wall, feet shoulder-width apart, knees at roughly a 90-degree angle and hold)! How long can you hold it? Good luck!