There is only one you. Take yourself just as you are. No matter how hard we try to turn ourselves into something different, the reality is that we are who we are. The beauty of it is is that we are all unique and beautifully crafted. Being who you are will allow others to see a different perspective on life. It allows for you to show talents that you cultivated for yourself, and somebody else can benefit from it. Cherishing that piece of you will allow others to see that they do not have to act different to be accepted. Challenging the odds takes on a new meaning for somebody who accepts things as they are and for who they are.

Bettering our self-image or our self-esteem is always a great thing. Striving every day to be better than who you were the previous day is a challenge, but it's rewarding. Be cautious: striving to be the best shouldn’t mean that you're trying to be someone different. It's not fair to give off a wrong impression.

The poem below sums up exactly what it means to take yourself just as you are. Others will have no choice but to follow suit. Some won't like it; most will try to change it; few will accept it; all will have to respect it.

Take Me, As I am

Accept Me, As I am 

Criticize Me, As I am 

Compliment Me, As I am

We are like no other, as we are uniquely designed. 

We are like no other, no other in mind.

Live life to the fullest as best as you can.

We are born to live life, Just As I am.

Displaying the true you will not only bring more people your way, it will allow others to see their own self-worth. Who you are will matter. Who you are will be noticed. Who you are will be rewarded. You will be accepted one way and one way only when you learn to take yourself, just as you are.

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