You may have heard of compound exercise, you probably even incorporate some of its aspects in your routine. However, you probably weren’t aware of all of its positive effects, and how it can help almost anyone achieve their fitness goals. Compound exercises, simply defined, are multi-joint exercises that utilize many muscle groups. Common compound exercises include the bench press, the deadlift, and the squat. Other exercises often considered compound exercises include pull-ups, military press and rows. So, what is so important about these types of exercises, and how will they help you to achieve your unique fitness goals?

When it comes to fitness, people usually want to improve body composition, improve athletic performance, or a combination.  The beauty of compound exercise is that they accomplish all of these goals by working towards increasing muscle gain, decreasing fat, and increasing overall conditioning.  Compound exercise is going to allow you to be the most efficient at the gym, and finish your workout in the shortest amount of time. For those trying to lose fat, or “tone”, compound exercise is extremely beneficial as a high number of calories are burned during these exercises. Also, calories are burned for 24-48 hours after this type of high intensity movements, through what is commonly referred to as the “after-burn” effect. 

Compound exercises target many muscle groups at a time, allowing for maximum strength and maximum results. Compound movements actually release a huge amount of beneficial hormones, which promote the growth of muscle and the loss of fat.  These movements, if done regularly, will allow you to see the best overall results the fastest, and will allow an individual to increase their overall strength levels quickly. Compound exercises also increase core strength, strengthen tendons and develop stabilizer muscles. 

Tips on adding Compound movements to your routine:

  1. Add compound movements to the beginning of your workout
  2. You have the most energy, and none of your muscles are exhausted
  3. Add pull-ups, deadlifts and rows to your back routine
  4. Add Squats and deadlift to your lower body routine
  5. Add bench press and military press to your upper body routine
  6. Use proper form to maximize results and prevent injury
  7. Use moderate weight to provide a stimulus for growth

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About the author:

Michael is a fitness enthusiast who works daily to achieve his fitness and athletic goals. He works as a personal trainer at Golden Glide Fitness, and has his honors bachelors degree in Medical Sciences. He works constantly to build his expertise in both nutrition and training.