When you hear women and soccer in the same sentence, the first thing that may come to mind is a soccer mom. Soccer is a boys' sport, right? Wrong. Women’s soccer is just as popular as men’s, even though you do not see it as much in the media. Nevertheless, women are not only capable of playing professional soccer, but they have shown over the years, that they are really, really good at it.

Women's Soccer Has Less Coverage in Media

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The biggest problem with women’s soccer is that men's soccer is just too popular – it has trouble making headlines. Then again, some of the greatest players of all time beg to differ, as they have set records in the sport. They paved to path for women to enjoy this soccer, showed the world what true sportsmanship is, and became role models for young girls trying out for junior leagues the world over. Expect to see women appearing on covers more often now, thanks to the ridiculously successful year that the American national team had in 2015.

Women's Soccer Is Fun

In general, it is easy to pick up soccer because it is one of the most popular sports in the world. Although unorthodox, even at an early age, girls can join in the fun. Most would expect women to be bad at roughhousing, but you would be surprised at what competition can do to people. Regardless, soccer is about team play, having fun, and scoring a goal. There is no marginal difference between men and women playing soccer. Everything is more or less the same.

How To Support Your Team

Keep in mind that in order for a team to succeed, they will need support. As the USA women’s soccer team pushes through, they might get the necessary media coverage they need. Moreover, women’s soccer teams are becoming popular around the world, meaning that we'll see fiercer competition in the future.

How to Get Started

Honing any skill will take time, and for soccer it is no different. You should enroll your little girl as soon as possible, because it will give her the necessary time to get accustomed to various strategies and techniques. The right soccer gear goes a long way in encouraging a child that they have what it takes to give their best effort. This is also a great opportunity for your little girl to develop strength, while having fun with her peers. Remember to cheer on, not to pass on your passion.

Discriminating against females based on their athletic abilities will soon be the thing of the past, as women are attaining a greater position in male-dominated sports. Eventually, we may even a co-ed professional soccer team. Keep in mind that sport should know no gender, and that it should be about following your dreams and doing something that you truly love. 

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