Do your nerves become tangled in a panic when somebody challenges you to a dare? When the words "I dare you" are uttered, you have a decision to make. Whether you choose to take up the dare or not, your outcome will be positive or negative. How do you normally respond to a dare? What determines your outcome? What will your outcome be? I dare you to believe in yourself. Here's one option. When you choose not to believe in yourself, you might collapse under pressure whenever you don't accomplish a goal. It will overwhelm you mentally, affecting every physical component of your workout.  If you don’t believe that you can overcome any situation or achieve a goal, negative self-talk will drain your drive to succeed. The positive thing is that you can dare to believe in yourself instead.

Here's what happens when you do believe in yourself. Everything will come full circle (and in ways you could never have imagined).  You'll approach life with an extra intensity and the rewards will multiply. You can actively refute critics who don't believe in your dreams. You'll allow your self-belief to carry you through every workout and every healthy decision. Barriers that stood in the way of prosperity and your destiny are now at your feet experiencing their harsh demise.

I dare you to believe. Believe that you can do whatever it is you put your heart to. I dare you to believe that you are worth more than money can buy.  I dare you to believe that your life is worth living for and fighting for. I dare you to believe that now is the time for change in your life. I dare you to believe you can remove obstacles in your life to get to the peace and success that is awaits you. Dare to believe. I dare you.

This is an article by PumpUp member @inspiredone. Find out more about him on his PumpUp page! Did you dare to believe in yourself today? Let us know in the comments below!