Perhaps you’ve rushed to the gym after work or seeing your fabulous girlfriends so you forgot to take off your jewelry, or maybe you always wear your engagement ring to the gym - you’re not going to take that beauty off! Well, maybe you should. Here’s why it’s better to leave the bling behind next time.

Looking Good Hurts!

Leave your workout bling behind! Here's what you need to know about jewelry in the gym.

You might roll your eyes at the thought that your ring or necklace can attack you during your spinning class, but there are times when jewelry in the gym can be risky. For instance, if you’re lifting weights, the pressure of your ring on your fingers could hurt you if you lift incorrectly. Necklaces can also be dangerous. If the clasp comes undone during an aerobics or dance class, the necklace could fling into your face. Jewelry can also get caught on equipment, which can cause an accident, or scratch you.

Keep Your Bling Beautiful

You might hate the idea of removing jewelry before sweating up a storm, but if you love those pieces so much that’s all the more reason for you not to wear them to the gym. Your rings can get caught on things, such as your Pilates mat, or could get damaged when you’re holding equipment. You don’t want to dent that gorgeous ring with a dumbbell, right? Gemstones and diamonds can get scratched or fall out - fishing for them in the gym’s swimming pool is not a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Can Chlorine Damage Your Jewelry?

Can Chlorine Damage Your Jewelry? // The PumpUp Blog

If you like swimming to stay in shape, don’t get your jewelry wet. Even though chlorine isn’t damaging to gemstones, it can harm metal jewelry. Since various types of metal are found in diamond rings they’re therefore best taken off before you dive into the pool. Chlorine is a chemical that can react with metal, such as by causing tiny spots on the surface of your gold jewelry. If you simply must wear jewelry, choose316 stainless steel that’s chlorine-resistant.

Guard Those Gems

Although your gemstones might look strong, they can easily get damaged if you wear jewelry in the gym. Diamonds and gemstones like rubies might not be easy to scuff but they can easily be chipped. Pearls are even more delicate so you don’t want to bring them to the gym. It’s just not worth the risk.

Nickel is a No-No

Sweat can make your silver and gold jewelry looked tarnished or in need of a clean, and nickel makes things worse. Sweat causes nickel in jewelry to dissolve and get absorbed into the skin where it can cause an allergic reaction. It can also go black after exposure to the sun or chemicals like chlorine, which will also make your skin go black. Not a good look! You might not think that your jewelry contains any nickel because it’s not costume jewelry but it might. An example is withgold rings. Nickel is sometimes added to silver and gold jewelry.

Watch the Sunscreen

If you’re working out outside you have to slap on the sunscreen, but leave your jewelry behind. Sunscreen can accumulate in gaps and crevices of jewelry, such as rings, which can leave them looking dull. The sunabsorbs moisture that gems naturally contain to maintain their beautiful appearance, causing them to become dry and cracked.

Get Fashionable Bling You Can Wear at the Gym

The Dos and Don'ts of wearing jewelry in the gym // The PumpUp Blog

If you want to wear jewelry in the gym, you should rather choose pieces that are exercise-friendly, such as fitness trackers that also have a practical purpose of monitoring your workout. If you’re imagining a thin colourful plastic wristband, guess again! There are so manyfashionable fitness items available, such as crystal wristbands and watches that look stylish while being safe for the gym.

There aren’t really pros to wearing jewelry in the gym, unless it’s in the form of a fashionable fitness tracker. Jewelry can get in the way of your workout, get damaged from contact with your equipment, or put your safety at risk. Keep yourself and your bling in beautiful shape by giving jewelry a skip during your next workout.

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