Eat less and try to exercise more — that was the way Samantha lived. But after she moved on from her job as a Zumba instructor, her weight escalated. “I tried a personal trainer, and that was very beneficial, but expensive,” she recalled. “I knew I needed a new routine that would work for me to change my body. However, I didn’t like the idea of working out alone.” 

To overcome her fear of exercising by herself, Samantha joined a new fitness club. “[It] had awesome people to help motivate me,” she remembered. “PumpUp was the cherry on top because [I had] a whole community rooting for me.” Samantha has been on PumpUp for over one year, and it has helped her stay true to her goals. “My lifestyle before lacked structure and accountability,” she admitted. “When I started [PumpUp], I was overwhelmed by the positivity of the community. Fitness is very personal and half the battle is against ourselves. PumpUp provides that safe, encouraging and motivating community that continues to fuel your success.” 

Now, Samantha swears by flexible dieting and she even exercises at the gym without any accompaniment. “I do hire online flexible dieting coaches to guide my journey,” she said. “I like to post my progress photos on PumpUp because it’s encouraging to hear other positive perspectives when I myself don’t see the progress. Plus, it’s like we are in the journey together. I like to encourage others as well.” 

Moving forward, Samantha is learning how to focus on her successes, rather than placing an emphasis on her shortcomings. “I am so used to thinking that ‘I’m Fat’ or that I’m bigger, even though I know I fit into a smaller size [now],” she revealed. “I know it will take time. I spent 28 years of my life having a certain body image. Now I have to adjust and understand that I am more than just my body. A certain body type doesn’t mean happiness. My journey has been a gradual change, so for the people who feel like nothing is happening, I know how you feel."

Next, Samantha strives to develop a more positive mentality when it comes to diet and exercise. “[It] shouldn’t be an issue of morality,” she said. “To attack this — I’ve really been a fan of Sohee Lee. I love her philosophy on eating and working out. She gives a mental mindset reset course and she will be discussing how to reset the way you think about your personal fitness and image. I love all kinds of personal development and I am excited to see the inward outcomes of this class."

Samantha’s Best Advice

"Don’t forget the inward journey. It’s easy to get lost in the physical aspect. Take time to think what will truly make you happy and find a balance. Also, if you keep getting the same results , that means you must be doing the same thing. Try to change what you are doing and the outcome will be different."

Keep Samantha pumped! Find her on PumpUp @spark360 and on Instagram @skg3600.