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5K personal bests : they aren't as elusive as you think

5K personal bests : they aren't as elusive as you think


One simple resolution transitioned into one major lifestyle change for PumpUp member @danialani, who set a benchmark for herself to run 5 kilometers at least once a week during PumpUp's #MyResolution challenge in January 2015. So far, she's been doing better than good. In fact, Dania has been doing great by steadily improving her personal best times. "In 11 weeks I went from running 5 km in 38 minutes to running it in 32," she said gleefully. "I'm 2 minutes away from my ultimate goal. I'm so so close." In less than half a year, Dania stuck faithfully to her smart, measurable, and specific resolution for herself. Her progress is palpable; her updates exude happiness. By participating in monthly challenges with the PumpUp community, Dania is more committed to achieve her health goals than she has ever been in her life. "Love yourself because you're capable of incredible things," she professed. "With every personal best, I sure am loving myself more and more." Keep Dania pumped on PumpUp app @danialani and be sure to let us know how we can help you to achieve your personal bests as well! What are obstacles that are hindering you from springing into action? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @PumpUp, we'd love to hear from you!

Racquel's 5K milestone is impressive in more ways than one

Our Spotlight Saturday @racquelannd just completed her first ever 5K race! Such a huge achievement for her and we are so proud of her 8 weeks of training leading up to it, despite the fact that she had never been much of a runner her whole life! It fills us with joy because she #SpreadPositivity so much this month and achieved a milestone of her own! Like this post to pump her up!


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Here’s a super photo of PumpUp member @jbell2310 getting pumped for his 5K!