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New Update: This is a BIG one.

Get ready for our newest update — we’ve taken PumpUp to the next level. We’ve built some incredible features that put you and your progress front and center. PumpUp is more beautiful, easier to use, and faster than ever. We know you’re going to love it!


Sift through a beautiful display of all your activity within PumpUp. See your post-workout pictures, results from your recent workouts, and more! If you want to dive even deeper, simply tap a workout you recently built or the results of one you completed last week.


Swipe to the right or tap our new menu icon to reveal our beautiful new navigation menu! From scheduling a workout to creating a new one, getting around the app has never been easier! 


After completing a workout, snap a picture to share your progress with your Facebook friends. It’s a simple way to inspire others and watch yourself improve over time! Don’t worry, if you aren’t in a sharing mood, you can still snap a post-workout pic and it’ll appear in your personal activity feed.


Invite your friends to get access to PumpUp Pro for FREE! For every friend you invite, you’ll receive 3 free days of PumpUp Pro. It's a great way to help a friend start their fitness journey and our way of saying “thanks for sharing!”


Tap on a workout you completed in your activity feed to see exactly what you did and how it was changed for the next workout! We drill it down to the rep so you can closely monitor your progress. See how PumpUp helps push you forward!


  • Workouts load up to 11x faster! 
  • Exercises downloaded are 82% smaller (with no loss of quality)! 
  • Squashed the bugs you’ve reported! 

Phew, that was a lot! We’re pumped to share this awesome update with you. Give the new features a try and tweet us your thoughts on the update — we can’t wait to hear what you think!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into that workout gear and show us what you’ve got!

P.S. Share your new workout pics on our Facebook page and tag us @PumpUpApp on Instagram. We’ll be sharing a featured member every week!