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3 Tips for Transforming your Resolutions into Reality!

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!

The celebrations are over, and now we’re back to our everyday lives with the goals we made… and intend to keep. Whether you decided to lose weight, lose a bad habit, or like me, run a 10k, we’re all trying to find ways to keep these resolutions — but it ain’t easy. defines a resolution as “an intention made.“ A lot of us can intend to do things, but it takes a lot of courage and determination to actually do them.

Here are a few tips for transforming your New Years Resolutions into reality!

  1. Make It Public: Let people around you know what your goal is. Write in the comment section below, make it your Facebook status, post pictures, do whatever it takes. Let your peers motivate you!
  2. Set Friendly Reminders: Find ways of making sure you remember that you have a goal and you want to complete it. Stickies, writing on your hand, a daily alarm — just do it, otherwise you’ll probably forget it! If it’s working out, PumpUp will remind you when to work out.
  3. Have a Plan: If you set a good goal, chances are it’s going to take a while. Make a plan and set midway goals to keep you motivated along the way. Build a PumpUp workout and schedule it for every week on a specific day/time.

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What Motivates You?

motivationWith the new year just around the corner, a lot of us are looking at the mirror and promising “this is the year I get in shape,” but where do we start? Motivation. Ask yourself, “what motivates me?” Whether it be to look better, be healthier, or live longer, it’s only you who can look deep down and find that inner motivation — the spark you’ll need — to ignite the flame inside. Without motivation, accomplishing any goal is a much harder task.

JonathanPersonally, my motivation came from certain words that were told to me by my high school teacher, coach, and friend. As a child and teenager, being in good physical shape was not something that came easily to me. I was overweight and out of shape — not a situation that I wanted to be. When I was 15, I was trying out for my high school volleyball team, and what was a simple player-coach interview turned into a life changing event. My coach told me that I really needed to “turn my diet around, exercise regularly and live a healthier lifestyle.” For me, that hit the spot. I found my motivation in the words of my coach and used it to reach my fitness goals. I was able to turn my life around — all because of a simple conversation I had with my coach when I was 15.

When you’re working towards your New Years Resolution this year, whatever that may be, it doesn’t matter what motivates you — as long as it does! There is no right or wrong answer.

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