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7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Injuries While Staying Active

7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Injuries While Staying Active

Whether you’re running, swimming, spinning, dancing or playing a team sport, you’re getting out there and staying active — that’s great. What’s not so great is the possibility that your good intentions and steady training could be derailed by an injury. And, while some injuries are simply caused by bad luck or bad timing, others can be prevented if you know how. Here are seven ways to keep yourself healthy in more ways than one. 

Challenge of the week : Walk more

Challenge of the week : Walk more


For a chance to win some PumpUp Swag from our March To Your Dream theme this week, we challenge you to walk more. Walk as many steps as you can this weekend. Track it on PumpUp, and tag your caption with #PumpUpSwag! The winner will be chosen on Monday.

How can I walk more this weekend?

Walking (or running, for that matter) really isn't for everybody. We still encourage you to get up and get moving; that's what March To Your Dream is about, after all!

  • Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator
  • If you're taking the car out, park further away from your desired destination
  • Plan to disembark public transit one or two stops earlier than you're used to; you'll benefit from the extra walk (and have more room to eat weekend brunch, obviously)
  • Instead of calling your friends over to watch a movie, do something active together instead
    • Indoor trampoline parks are a riot. More of a riot than Hot Tub Time Machine 2.
    • Weather permitting, go for a run! You don't have to be Usain Bolt. Dial down the pace so that you can chat and jog at the same time
    • Place yourself in an area where you know you'll walk a lot: malls, the zoo, museums, etc. are all locations where you'll definitely and deceptively walk more without it feeling like a chore

Good luck, PumpUp!

Spotlight Series: Caitlyn H.

Today on the #PumpUpBlog we have one determined and super positive PumpUp member, @cait1ynmarie. She has taken her weight loss tactics to the next level! Caitlyn and her Dad have started a 90-day weight loss challenge to start living a better, healthier life. We’re going to tell you all you need to know about Caitlyn and her journey! 

Caitlyn joined PumpUp at the end of May on recommendation from YouTuber, Melissa Raymond.  She tells us, “Melissa made a video about her weekly favourites & PumpUp was the first thing that she mentioned. She was absolutely raving about it. So before the video could even end, I signed up, made a profile, and here we are!”

Before PumpUp, Caitlyn wasn’t living the healthiest of lives. She proclaims herself as a full on, “Coach Potato.” Caitlyn shares with us, “I am a very bad binge eater, and not so quick to admit it. I was eating 2-3 times more than I should have been every day. But only if I was alone where no one could see me, that is when I would stuff my face.”

Food used to be a major part of Caitlyn’s life that was often holding her back from doing more and being more. She says, “food has been my support system and my escape for the past 17 years.” As for Caitlyn’s exercise it was Non-existent. “There have been times if I got up too fast to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen, I could get winded. My day consisted of food, food, and more food. I would wake up with half of the day gone already, and just start to eat, pretty much until my dad got home. Then when he went to bed, I would start eating again usually until I went to bed. I would tell myself it was okay because it wasn’t grease covered food.”

Caitlyn’s battle with food and exercise took a turn for the better once she became a part of the PumpUp Family.  Caitlyn tells us, “after making a PumpUp account I have started a raw food diet, which I am actually doing very well on and have already lost a bit of weight! My exercise is still not where I would like it to be but better than what it used to be and I love to take my dog for walks around the neighbourhood.” Caitlyn’s mantra is taking it one day at a time, and so far it has been working great!

Need some motivation? While Caitlyn’s got you covered! She says, “my best advice to anyone is to just go for it. If you doubt yourself you might not try because you have the mentality that you can’t do it. But YOU can. Everyone can. I’m not going to say that everything is going to be super easy with no worries and no stress. Every hour of every day is hard. Nothing gets easier, but you get stronger. If you mess up one day, don’t let that stop yourself from moving forward. Everyone has a slip, but the thing you have to remember is to get back up, brush off your shoulders and start again. I would love to say that there is always a tomorrow, but that’s not true. Tomorrow is never promised and it never will be. So if there is something in your life that you don’t like change it. Stop waiting around and get up and do it!” WOW. Wise words, Caitlyn – everyone needs to live this way!

This is a pic of the 90-Day Challenge Caitlyn and her Dad decided to embark on. Although according to Caitlyn the challenge got off to a bit of a rough start it is going much better now that they are totally serious about losing weight and being healthier. She says,  “my dad and I are very much alike in our personalities and sadly, our health. So I figured it couldn’t hurt us to try! Plus, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?” Wondering what the prize will be for the winner of this weight loss challenge? “We have yet to figure out a prize for the winner, but I think in the end we’d both be getting the Grand Prize. That being the satisfaction of accomplishing something that we have both have put off for so long, & being able to say that, ‘Yes, I did it.’” 

Caitlyn’s Favourites:

Fave Food: “I just love food! My absolute favorite kind of food is Chinese. I am a sucker for anything Chinese, Japanese, Asian, Thai & sushi related, which most of the time can mean not the healthiest thing to eat. I also love anything with beef or chicken – I am definitely a meat and potatoes type of girl, but I do LOVE my salads.”

“If we are talking semi healthy, my favorite snacks would be probably like guacamole & pico de gallo. I also really like fruits & veggies and love cottage cheese!”

Caitlyn has an awesome “Italian Chicken Sandwich” recipe creation with potato bites and green beans. Sounds awesome right? Ask her on PumpUp on how to make it!

Favourite Drink: “Has got to be water. It’s easy, no calories and very refreshing. Iced tea is another one of my faves, and & my mom raised me to be a milk lovin’ girl!”

Favourite Motivational Saying: “Do it for the “Holy shit, you got hot!” Not the most deep or thoughtful saying but it’s one that I honestly love! It is the wallpaper on my phone and I can’t wait to hear it.”

Fave Exercises: “I like to lift weights and love running around with my dog! My work also keeps me on my feet all day!”

Favourite Part of PumpUp: “The Community, by far. The other members have been so inspirational and motivating towards me, which is something that I have never really been used to. Obviously my family has supported me but there is something different about hundreds; even thousands of people rooting for you, giving you that motivation & helping you reach your goals. It is so fulfilling. We are working to be better versions of ourselves. We want to become something that maybe people have said we couldn’t become, or couldn’t do. Maybe we are the ones who have engraved these thoughts into our heads and we want to prove them wrong. We can all do this together.”

Want to Know More About Caitlyn?

“I love being outside at the lake or on the water and I love driving boats. I actually got my boating license before my driving one! I would live on the lake if it were an option! I also love to cook and try out new recipes, which I think got me in a little bit of trouble but I can laugh about it now! :) I honestly love being with family. To me, family is definitely the most important and comes before anything else!”

What motivates Caitlyn is her brother! She shares, “my biggest motivation is definitely my brother, and I don’t think he even knows that. He’s always been the one that I’ve looked up to, no matter what. I think the one thing that I look forward to the most is just hearing him say that he’s proud of me and proud of what I have accomplished. He’s the reason that I want to prove every thought, every comment, and every hurtful person wrong. He’s the reason why I refuse to give up this time, no matter how rough it gets.”

Making a change isn’t easy and Caitlyn tells us that the biggest thing she has had to overcome on her journey is actually herself! “I have given up on myself numerous times, telling myself that I wasn’t good enough or it’ll never happen; that I should just quit because I’m not going to finish anyway so what’s one more cookie or one more piece of pizza? I have always been my toughest critic and a very harsh one at that. Finally I realized that I needed to find the motivation to get up off my butt and fix myself. I realized that I was killing myself with all of the crap that I have been putting into my body.” Caitlyn isn’t even exaggerating about the food killing herself as she let us know, “I’m borderline diabetic at 17. That is a very tough thing to hear. What is even worse was that night when I found out I stuffed my face with food while everyone was asleep. Food was my comfort. I just had to tell myself that enough was enough and I needed to change. Going on the same route I was going on wasn’t an option for me; it isn’t an option for me.”

Caitlyn’s goals with this health journey? She tells us, “I want to get to that point in my life where I am happy. To look in the mirror and like what I see.” PumpUp is here to help you accomplish this Caitlyn, and the rest of the community is 100% behind you. Caitlyn is already on her way; since the challenge started she has lost 12 pounds. She says, “Without PumpUp I probably wouldn’t have because I probably would have broke. But I haven’t and I don’t plan to as long as this app and the supportive people are around me.”

Caitlyn, we want to tell you that you are such a great motivator yourself! Keep up the hard work; we want to see you healthy and happy, and we are rooting for you to kick butt in your 90-day challenge! You got this girl! Follow @cait1ynmarie to be inspired and check out how she is doing with her challenge to get fit! 

New Update: Activity Logging & Custom Sharing

When it comes to your fitness, there are many ways to stay active. To help you keep track of all your fitness activity, we’ve launched Activity Logging and Custom Sharing!


Activity Logging: Did you just get back from a run? Dance? Hockey? Whatever it is, log it in PumpUp to keep track of all your activity! You can also see how many calories you burned.

Custom Sharing: Do you have a fitness tip or a healthy recipe for others? Share it with the PumpUp community to help others like you achieve their goals! You can also attach a pic for even better post.

From all of us at PumpUp HQ, we wish you a happy and healthy 2014. Now let’s start this year off right — track your first activity on PumpUp today! 

P.S. Follow PumpUp on Instagram and Twitter for fitness tips and motivation!

Pumpin' Up Outdoors!


It’s beautiful outside and you know it’s the perfect day to work out… but you don’t want to miss out on the weather by being inside the gym. With just a pair of running shoes, a bottle of water, and PumpUp in your pocket, you can enjoy the weather and still get in a great workout! When the weather is beautiful, there’s no better way to spice up your workout then by taking it outside!

Since you can choose the equipment you have available, with PumpUp, creating a quality workout you can do outside is just a few taps away! Here are three great ways to get in some exercise outdoors:

1) Au natural.

With PumpUp, it’s easy to create a body-only workout for the park! If your park has a jungle gym, get creative! You can tell PumpUp you have a chin-up bar (monkey bar) available and it will incorporate chin-ups and other great exercise in your routine for the park! 

2) Using a resistance band!

Resistance bands are a low-cost, highly transportable piece of equipment that’s perfect to use outdoors! Resistance bands have a lot of great benefits that can make for an awesome workout! For example, the band gets tighter as you go through the exercise, making it extra challenging! With PumpUp, you can easily create a workout routine using a resistance band that’s perfect for the park or your backyard!

3) Simply run.

A huge benefit of getting active outdoors (besides getting a great tan) is being able to go for a run without being tied to the treadmill! Sure, it’s nice to go for a run while watching your favorite show indoors, but picture yourself running through a trail or on the beach. Running outdoors is not only great exercise, but it’s also a great way to experience the great outdoors! 

These are just 3 simple ways that you can get in some great exercise outside. Summer always seems to fly by, so make sure you get outside, get active, and enjoy the beautiful weather while improving your health!

Ps. Don’t forget to download PumpUp to create a great workout routine you can do in the park, your backyard, or pretty much anywhere you’d like!

Fuel Up with Nike's Fuel Band


Here at PumpUp we love fitness technology. There’s been a lot of recent buzz around fitness tracking bands, like the Jawbone Up, Nike Fuel Band, and FitBit Flex, so our Director of Health & Fitness, Jonny, decided to give the Fuel Band a try!


For those hearing about Nike’s Fuel Band for the first time, it’s a fitness tracking band that has a built in accelerometer so it can measure your calories burned, steps taken, and of course, it tells you the time! A cool bonus is that you get Fuel Points for being active while wearing the Fuel Band. I like the Fuel Band and have definitely become more active since I started wearing it at the beginning of April.


It’s been just over a month since I started wearing the Fuel Band. I set my goal to be 3000 Fuel Points a day. According to Nike, 3000 points is what you need to be considered an active person. I found that this really motivated me when the clock struck 6pm and I’d only reached 1000 of my 3000 points. On good days, I found that I reached my 3000 point goal very quickly, so I challenged myself to get as many fuel points as possible. So far, my best day is 5520 points!

While my experience was mostly positive, there are some downfalls with Nike’s Fuel Band. First and foremost, the price tag of $150 is fairly high. Second, I found that when I used leg machines at the gym or went on a long bike ride, I got 0 fuel points but burned tons of calories.


Overall, the Nike Fuel Band is a great tool to keep you motivated. It even comes with a sleek iPhone app lets you compete against your friends and receive achievements after completing certain goals.

You’re probably thinking: should I get one?

Well, here’s my opinion: this product isn’t for people who are looking for a way to count calories or even as a pedometer — you can find much cheaper step counters. However, if you are a person looking to get a little more active, or you’re interested in adding a little technology to your fitness regiment (that you built with PumpUp), the Fuel Band is perfect for you!

Ps. Try wearing your Fuel Band during your PumpUp workout to rack up more Fuel Points.