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5 motivational quotes from people just like you

5 motivational quotes from people just like you


What motivates you to be healthy and active? Our drive to succeed can come from the most unlikely places. Whether your greatest source of inspiration comes from a family member, a friend, motivational quotes or a personal goal, we want to know why you choose to be active and healthy. We quizzed members of the PumpUp community about their biggest beacons of motivation:

"Today's workout is dedicated to one of my classmates who said that if I was so self-conscious about my body, all I had to do was close my mouth and stop eating. She doesn't know how hard I've been working since last year and that angers me! She's exactly the kind of person I shouldn't listen to, and that's what motivates me for #ActiveAugust." - @kikidiaz

Don't doubt your own capabilities. Find a motivational story that will pick you up. "I forgive myself and love the skin I'm in, no matter what." // The PumpUp Blog

"I've hit my heaviest in my life...and highest body fat. But it's okay. It's time to get back on track. I forgive myself and love the skin I'm in, no matter what. I'm thankful to have a body that works. One that has the capability to get fit." -@mcalorie

"What motivates me to work out? Me. I know that whenever I'm feeling down, a workout can help me to feel better. And when I'm feeling super down, it's you PumpUp. You make me feel like a part of something bigger than myself." - @marizardd

Believe in yourself. Find motivational stories to keep you going. "I'm proving everybody wrong, including myself." // The PumpUp Blog

"Everyone has their own motivation to work out. Mine is to prove myself and my surroundings that I can really do this. When I first started, people didn't think that I was going to last at the gym. They thought I would give up, because it was what I always did. But NOT this time. This time, I'm proving everybody wrong, including myself. Don't give up!" - @steph_ps

5 motivational stories that will inspire you to be active today // The PumpUp Blog

"This is my beautiful daughter. She's 14 years old. As a same sex parent, I am the single most influential person in her life! Every action of mine will impact her one way or the other. She and her brother are my biggest motivation to lead a healthy, active, positive, and disciplined lifestyle! I'm proud to say that they're well-rounded kids, and I know as they grow they will continue to pay it forward and influence others in positive ways." - @limitlesstyle

Do you have motivational quotes to share? You don't have to be a philosopher, a renowned author, a lyricist, or a celebrity to say something inspiring. Trust your instinct, reach down to the core of your being, and say something that is meaningful to you. We hope these motivational quotes from other PumpUp members helped to inspire you on #MotivationMonday. Share your favorite motivational quotes with us on Instagram using the #TeamPumpUp hashtag!