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This partner step workout will get your blood pumping

This partner step workout will get your blood pumping


Step aerobics are much more fun with a workout buddy! This partner step workout by PumpUp member @emjoy88 will absolutely get your blood pumping! Guaranteed, after 10 mins, your legs & obliques will be on fire. Your upper and lower body work together during step aerobics. This exercise will improve your coordination and agility, conditioning your muscles well for other sports. We made two gifs that will help break this partner step workout up: partner step workout gif


Jump off the stepper and do lateral jumps to the other side.

partner step workout gif


Mount the stepper with one leg, keeping the opposite foot slightly on the ground. Crunch your knee towards the opposite side, then tap your foot behind you on the opposite side. Jump off the stepper and repeat step one.

Watch the video of our partner step workout to see the full exercise

[video width="640" height="640" mp4=""][/video]