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Sweaty Sunday : Why this PumpUp member's headstand progress will always be great


Remember to strive for progress, not perfection. pumpupapp member anneprins10 made some incredible progress with her headstand this past weekend! “It’s still not fully straight, but I was able to lift my legs up all the way! That was a big step! Progress is progress!” Keep her pumped! What’s one awesome thing you accomplished last week?

Proof that small and measurable goals actually work


Small, measurable achievements are definitely worth celebrating, like this one from pumpupapp member tk17: “One year ago I was trying to win a National Guard t-shirt by doing twenty pushups. I did ten and I was so embarrassed that the guard to could one handed pushups and I could barely do ten. I can’t wait to go back and show her how easily I can do twenty.” Her #tbt wins her some #MyResolution #PumpUpSwag, keep her pumped! :)

Racquel's 5K milestone is impressive in more ways than one

Our Spotlight Saturday @racquelannd just completed her first ever 5K race! Such a huge achievement for her and we are so proud of her 8 weeks of training leading up to it, despite the fact that she had never been much of a runner her whole life! It fills us with joy because she #SpreadPositivity so much this month and achieved a milestone of her own! Like this post to pump her up!


Want to win a PumpUp tank? Make up your own pose and take a selfie of yourself doing it, it’s that simple! In the caption, tag it with #PumpUpSwag and tag at least 2 other people to #StopDropAndSelfie!

Whoever gets the most likes by Monday wins! You can do this on PumpUp or on Instagram! Thanks PumpUp member @sassycuna for the coolest photo ever! 

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