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Get your body pumping with this partner arm workout

Get your body pumping with this partner arm workout


Make your Sweaty Sunday really and earnestly sweaty with this partner arm workout to remember. Your upper extremities will feel like jello sticks, and that's okay. It means that you're working hard. PumpUp members @breezybaby and @kfit22 made a very sweaty arm workout video to help demonstrate the moves.  What are your favourite ways to work your arms? Show us how! Challenge yourself and remember to tag your sweaty selfies on the PumpUp app today!

10 minutes on the stair stepper (warm up)


20 squat to medicine ball passes
Squat to medicine ball passes : a killer move that will target your arms during this partner workout. Find out more on the PumpUp Blog
Begin with the medicine ball and chest level, elbows slightly bent to support the weight of the medicine ball. Drop down into a squat and make sure that your knees don't reach past your toes. When ascending, launch the medicine ball out of your hands (vertically), and let your partner catch it. Repeat.


10 burpees with push-ups
Burpees to push-ups (GIF) - A move that keeps your heart rate up and improves your strength during this partner arm workout. Find out more on the PumpUp Blog
Perform a regular burpee by dropping your hands firmly onto the floor. Lower your body into a push-up, making sure that your shoulders are in line with your wrists. Jump your feet back towards your forearms and promptly launch your body upwards towards the ceiling, with your hands raised. Repeat.


20 high knee runs (each leg, 40 total)
High knee runs. Get your heart pumping with this awesome no-equipment exercise. Find out more on the PumpUp Blog
Run in place while lifting each knee towards your chest. Alternate legs and pump your arms through the motion as quickly as you can.


20 deadlift-row-tricep kickbacks
Dumbell deadlift-row-tricep kickback combos. This move targets different parts of your arm to strengthen your muscles. Find out more on the PumpUp Blog
Hold your dumbbell, lower it towards your feet and keep a flat back when doing so. Push through your legs to lift yourself up, press the dumbbells towards your obliques, bend your elbows a a 90 degree angle, and kick back your arms.


20 bicep curls to shoulder presses
Dumbbell arm gif
Hold the dumbbells so that the handles of the weight are parallel to you. Press your arms to your sides, lower your forearms and raise them. Bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders and press the weights up. Lower your arms and repeat.


Perform this partner arm workout 2-3 times for best results. Have fun and remember to tag your videos on Instagram with #TeamPumpUp so we can see them! Have a great sweaty sunday! Let us know if you performed this partner arm workout in the comments below!


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We guarantee you'll be sore after this intense partner workout

We guarantee you'll be sore after this intense partner workout


If you feel like you're in a rut, grab a friend and try this intense partner workout. It'll get your heart rate up with no-equipment, full-body exercises that specifically target your abs and arms. This intense partner workout circuit incorporates moves from high-intensity interval training to increase your speed and agility. Burpees with a jump knee tuck

burpee gif intense partner workout pumpup

Do these carefully and make sure you land quite softly on your feet when you perform the jump knee tuck in order to prevent injury. As p90x's Tony Horton would say, think like a cat. Love it or loathe it, the burpee is a go-to, zero-equipment full-body workout. A 155-lb person can burn up to 10 calories per minute by doing burpees. Add in the jump knee tuck, and you'll be expending tons of energy in no time.

Plank to pushup

plank to pushup gif intense partner workout

This is a tricky exercise to do with proper form. When done properly, the plank to pushup is an integral component of this intense partner workout. It'll help to strengthen your core by challenging you to stabilize your muscles while you're moving. Start in a regular plank position, shoulder directly in line with your wrists. Lower your arms one at a time into an elbow plank, then push back up again on each side.

Mountain climbers

mountain climbers gif intense partner workout

Phew! No crunches! Mountain climbers give you a bit of extra cardio, helping you burn fat while strengthening your obliques. Strive to drive each knee towards the opposite shoulderFocusing on achieving this full range of motion will challenge your core even more.


chatarunga gif intense partner workout

Not familiar with yoga? Who cares! Don't be intimidated by this exercise. Also known as the four-limbed staff pose, the chatarunga is a staple move that seriously challenges your upper body and your core. When you're getting into the chatarunga, keep these tips from PopSugar Fitness in mind. Make sure you don't roll your shoulders, keep your arms at a ninety-degree angle when you're in plank position, drive your heels forward (rather than having your toes pointed), have your hands flat on the mat, and look just slightly ahead of you; don't crane your neck up.

Share this workout with a friend so that you can perform this intense partner workout together! Check out more of our workouts here and comment below to let us know what you think!  This exercise circuit was published courtesy of PumpUp members @aichatytgat and @tinytinne, from their fitness Instagram account, @thedoublethreat.


Happy Flex Friday! We’re officially jealous of PumpUp member @sureya’s arms! Here’s a fun fact: Muscles can’t actually push! They can only pull. When a part of your body is “pushing” onto something,  it’s because another muscle is pulling. 

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How Kristi's New Year's Resolution Became A Lifestyle Change - PumpUp Spotlight Series


Arms like those of PumpUp member @kayleefit31 weren’t built in a day. After nine months of hard work and dedication, Kristi achieved her goal weight with the help and support of the PumpUp community! Learn about how this adventurous and incredibly dedicated mother transformed her life in the best way possible with one simple resolution.

Kristi joined the PumpUp community in search of motivation as she embarked upon her health and wellness journey at the start of the New Year in 2014. “I was tired of living an unhealthy lifestyle and I wanted to see if change was actually possible,” she explains. For her, change wasn’t only possible—it became a lifestyle that she chose to maintain. 


Since she started using PumpUp, Kristi incorporates more activity and healthier eating habits into her routine. “Before PumpUp, I performed no exercise, I ate any and everything, and I was extremely lazy,” she reveals. “My average day would consist of work, eating, playing with my son, and sleeping. I skipped breakfast most of the time and did no exercise whatsoever.” Breakfast is now a staple for Kristi, who now works out 5 days a week despite her busy schedule and eats 6 small meals a day to keep her metabolism high. “In the morning I do a quick 15 minute workout, go to work, and try to get in a half-mile walk on my lunch break. I come home, workout for 30 minutes, and then I eat a healthy dinner,” she elaborates.

Kristi’s dedication to her exercise routine and mindful meals culminated in her reaching her goal weight—all within the span of nine months! Moving forward, she plans to maintain her current lifestyle and gain more muscle by increasing her calorie intake as she concurrently hits it hard at the gym.  “I have accomplished so much with this app. I am now always motivated to do some type of exercise every day,” she states proudly. “I have never been so excited to work out and hit the gym! On the days I am not able to work out, my body does not feel right.”


What is truly admirable about Kristi’s transformation is that she has been able to overcome obstacles such as post-partum depression and eating disorders by surrounding herself with positive people and by learning to holistically enhance her wellbeing. As her story demonstrates, there isn’t a quick or easy solution to beginning and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Rather, it is a product of perseverance and hard work. “Never give up. Keep pushing yourself. Don’t stop until you have the body you want,” says Kristi. “Even when you do have the body you dreamed for, keep going. Once you see results it becomes addictive.”


The fuel that feeds Kristi’s passion for health and wellness is her own awe-inspiring transformation, as well as the support she receives from the PumpUp community. “If it were not for my progress and the progress and motivation of other PumpUp members, I would have never been able to stay dedicated to exercising and eating right,” she confirms.

Favourite Snack

“Peanut butter, bananas, and honey on wheat bread. I thought that it was going to be gross, but it was actually good and very filling.”

Motivational Mantra

“Stop wishing and start doing.

Favourite Exercise

“Squats, weights, lunges, and sometimes burpees. To stay active, I normally do a workout that PumpUp has designed for me because it’s hard to get to the gym during the week.”



More about Kristi

“I love trying new things. If someone asked me to go skydiving, I would not hesitate in doing so. Life is short so I love to live to the fullest.”


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It’s Flex Friday!
Here’s a photo shared by PumpUp member fitpetra! Putting on muscle takes work, especially if you have a thinner frame! Your diet will be important for this! You may need to eat MORE, but DO eat the good stuff: complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats.