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This is what heavy lifting does for your back (Hint: awesome things)

This is what heavy lifting does for your back (Hint: awesome things)


When PumpUp member @sharksbitesoflife took up heavy lifting one year ago, she never could have imagined how it would transform her body. Not only is her back definition much more pronounced, this PumpUp member looks and feels stronger and more confident. "Obviously the lighting is different, but I think I made some progress between then and now," she said modestly. "I have seen a huge improvement in my upper body strength and definition over the last few months." @sharksbitesoflife has been hard at work preparing for her beach vacation to Mexico. She's alternating between intense cardio, weight-lifting sessions, and resistance band workouts. She frequently documents her progress by sharing photos with the PumpUp community. "My reason for posting this photo is to hold myself accountable, so that I can post proof of progress," she mentioned. "I'm motivated."

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Keep @sharksbitesoflife pumped! Do you have back progress pictures to share? Tag them on PumpUp with #throwbackthursday so that we can see them! Do you have feedback about how heavy lifting changed your body? Let us know in the comments below! 


Stand tall and be proud of all you’ve achieved! According to a study by Ohio State University, posture may affect confidence in one’s own thoughts. When we think about our positive qualities, a confident posture makes us believe what we think more strongly and, therefore, feel better about ourselves. Here’s PumpUp member fitybuildy’s ThrowBACK Thursday progress! Keep her pumped!

Throwback Thursday: Back Progress


"For the past three months, I committed to become healthy. I wanted to prove to myself that it was achievable and to somehow, someday inspire those close to my heart to do the same." This message does nothing but #SpreadPositivity!


How to strengthen your shoulders with the standing scarecrow

Check out PumpUp member @greenfitbodydnk’s progress on #throwBACKthursday! The standing scarecrow is great for strengthening your rotator cuffs. It’s important to keep them strong, as an injured rotator cuff can cause shoulder ache. It may also worsen during sports that require rapid throwing movements, such as baseball. 

How to do it

Start out with light dumbbells in each hand if you’re a beginner, feet shoulder-width apart.

Keep your elbows level with your shoulders, arms at a 90 degree angle.

With your shoulders down and elbows level, gently lower your forearms till they’re at shoulder level, pause, then press them back up to starting position. 

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Happy ThrowBACK Thursday! PumpUp member regina_crosco has recovered from a back muscle injury in a major way, and we’re excited that she’s getting back into the groove of things (literally, she’s a dancer!)! Keep her pumped, and show off your back progress ;)


Back bends stretch your muscles in a major way. They’ll help remove fat build-up in your obliques and increase the elasticity and flexibility of your spine. You’ll also feel more energized, physically and mentally! Happy #ThrowBACKThursday! Photo cred: @eesratan!