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Why this PumpUp member's backbend is more impressive than you think

Why this PumpUp member's backbend is more impressive than you think


As a stroke survivor and single mother who has struggled daily with a plethora of health ailments, @healthy_beatnik's progress is admirable in every single way. "Every day is a new journey and a new beginning to better your mind and body," she said. Just this past week, @healthy_beatnik was able to improve her form with the crow pose— something that she coined as 'Success Saturday'. Holding these poses takes a lot of patience and strength. She's also been practicing a full backbend and chest opener called the wheel pose. "A couple of months ago, I couldn't bend this way at all, let alone lift myself," she insisted. "Progress is progress, no matter how small or slow it may seem." This is a huge accomplishment for @healthy_beatnik, who was diagnosed with a spine condition called scoliosis. "Regardless of how my illnesses may leave me discouraged, I am always reminded daily by my strength and that even the smallest things count," she mused. As she develops flexibility in her back, @healthy_beatnik begins to take slow, steady, and calculated steps to fight hard against chronic illnesses.


@healthy_beatnik frequently shares her progress and daily meals with the PumpUp community. "I just want to say thank you to all of my followers and 'Pump-uppers'," she confirmed. "[They] are all doing so amazing; taking [their] health into [their] own hands. [They] truly motivate and inspire me every day."

Keep her pumped! Whether you're improving your backbend or increasing your race speed, share the stories behind the progress you make and any setbacks that come your way with the #ShowMeTheMay hashtag on PumpUp.