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2 ways to improve your balance and distance in other exercises

2 ways to improve your balance and distance in other exercises


Pistol squats

Known in other realms as the one-legged squat, the pistol squat is an exercise that requires quite a bit of patience and practice to perfect. There are more functional benefits for practicing pistol squats beyond the obvious realization that they look a lot cooler than most classical bodyweight exercises.  You'll improve your overall strength, stability, and balance as you learn how to support your bodyweight on one leg while controlling your squat's full range of motion. If you can't quite perform pistol squats just yet, start with various progressions:

  • Learn how to do several consecutive repetitions of full two-legged body weight squats
  • Move on to performing assisted pistol squats: either with the help of a bench or a stable standing object

Reach your arms out parallel to the floor in front of your body. Raise one leg, flex your foot, and slowly lower down into a one legged squat. Maintain the position for about a second, then return to start position.

Pistol squats and distance jumps: two moves to improve your balance and distance

Distance jumps

Take your pistol squats and your distance training to the next level with some plyometrics. Distance jumps are incredibly effective exercises for improving your leg's explosion power in other workouts. Not only will these jumps help you to improve your sprint speed, it'll also train your legs to keep from tiring out during a long-distance race.

Begin with your legs hip-distance apart. Bend your knees lightly and explode your body forward as far as you can, being sure to land on both feet softly. When you land, drop your body into a full squat to soften the impact. Follow each repetition with a pistol squat.

The best thing about this workout by PumpUp member @emjoy88 is that it doesn't require any additional equipment or even a gym membership. You can practice this fuss-free balance and distance training workout in the comfort of your backyard.

How to master the frog stance

Ello #PumpUpFamily I’m here to talk to you about the Frog Stance. This is the first step in any journey to extreme balancing, such as Planche, Handstands or Break Dancing.

This move is accomplished by spreading out your fingers and placing your hands in front of you, a shoulder width apart.

Once you do this, you gently rock your weight forward, knees to elbow until you are supported by your arms alone. 

Once mastered you get into variations. You can extend a leg and retract, then the other, and eventually both at the same time.
You can jump your right knee to left elbow, and the same for the opposing side.

To me this is like a game to see what I can jump on, to see how creative I can get on my journey to extreme fitness, and to see if I can reach my goals of packing four years of training into one.
I often spend five or six hours a day dedicated to fitness: about three in the gym; two running; and always a full hour running around Manassas VA.  To keep limber, i make sure my final hour of fitness is dedicated to balance and yoga.
will catch up to the great Simon AtaFrank Medrano and Sam Tribble. It is only a matter of time.

My ultimate goal is to be a CPT for extreme training.  Help me out by following me and asking questions, or by answering me when I have questions of my own!
Good luck out there Team PumpUp!

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