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5 Beachbody Programs That Will Give You Results

5 Beachbody Programs That Will Give You Results

Five years ago, I started my fitness journey with Beachbody programs as a customer.  I joined countless gyms, worked with personal trainers, took up running, and yo-yo dieted. Nothing worked for me. I never felt comfortable training in gyms and wasn't able to feel the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that Beachbody programs give me. What makes these at-home workout programs so special? Here's a guide that will help you to distinguish the differences between them all.

How I lost my baby weight for good - Vanessa's PumpUp Success Story

How I lost my baby weight for good - Vanessa's PumpUp Success Story


Baby weight isn't impossible to lose. When Vanessa joined the PumpUp community in June 2014, she was fiercely determined to shed the 50 lbs that she gained while she was pregnant with her son. "As soon as I got clearance from my doctor, I dived right into PumpUp," she recounted. "I shared photos every day and my PumpUp family would motivate me by commenting and pushing me daily, especially @randiashley and @tweetii. PumpUp workouts and a program called T25 got me started, because I didn't know too many exercises when I first started out." Backed by motivation from the PumpUp community, Vanessa lost over 30 lbs of her baby weight. Prior to PumpUp, Vanessa's eating habits went astray. It was common for her to eat several hot dogs and a large-sized pizza in one sitting. "I didn't know anything about planning my meals, or what eating healthy really meant," she professed. "On an average day, I would look at fit people and wish I was them. While I was pregnant, I knew that I would bounce back as soon as I had my baby."

Vanessa Mejia : Her PumpUp post-pregnancy story

Since Vanessa joined the PumpUp community, she exercises on a daily basis and shares about each of her workouts on PumpUp to keep herself accountable. "I became a wellness coach too," she added. "I know there are people who look up to me now. Using PumpUp daily and putting my life out there actually keeps me motivated to work out, especially when I don't want to." Vanessa likes check up on members who motivate her the most on PumpUp. She's also inspired by those who are just beginning their fitness journeys. "Looking at progress pictures really motivates me to work out," she insisted.

Making time to exercise isn't always easy when you have a baby, but Vanessa worked hard to create a schedule that accommodates her lifestyle. She stays positive by maintaining a firm resolve to never compare her progress with that of anybody else's. "Be patient, be persistent, and don't compare yourself with others," she advised. "Use PumpUp to track your journey and don't be afraid to share about your concerns. PumpUp has amazing motivators who are always positive."

Vanessa Mejia : Her PumpUp post-pregnancy story

As Vanessa continues her journey on PumpUp, she strives to make as many fit friends as she can from around the world. "I love how this app allows us to connect with people from other countries in a close setting," she shared. Vanessa ultimately hopes to gain 10 more pounds of muscle and might even consider training for a fitness competition in the future. Finally, she's trying to help her father, mother, and sister overcome their less healthy habits. "My dad had a dialysis a few weeks ago due to his diabetes and bad eating habits," she said solemnly. "Trying to stay consistent with my workouts has been hard, but I make time for it when I can."

Vanessa's Biggest Source of Motivation

My biggest source of motivation is my son and family. I want to set a healthy example to the people around me, I want to be here for a long time. Thus, I need to eat healthy and active. The people who have always kept me motivated have been @Randiashley and @Tweetii on PumpUp. Since day one, they kept pushing me to lose my baby weight and they made it happen! 

Vanessa Mejia : Her PumpUp post-pregnancy story

Favourite Workout Routines

I love the ab and lower body workouts that I can put together on PumpUp, I love how I can decide which body groups I need to target with the equipment I have on hand. It helps me because I work out at home. When I go to the gym or want to try something different than a Beachbody Workout, it is easy to put together. I usually do Beachbody programs because I am a coach, and I also love weightlifting.

Vanessa's Meals

I love everything organic. 85% of my food is organic. It does cost more, but I'm passionate about investing in my health. Recently, I had stomach problems when I attempted to eat processed food. My body has completely changed and I won't go back to the way that I was eating before.  

Vanessa Mejia : Her PumpUp post-pregnancy story

More about Vanessa

I am a stay at home mom. Over the course of my year-long fitness journey, I lost over 30 pounds by eating healthy, doing Beachbody programs like 725 and the 21 day fix, and using PumpUp. I became a wellness coach through Beachbody to help others lose weight and become healthy. I also became P90X certified and will become a group exercise instructor and personal trainer soon. I recently told my husband (2 weeks ago) that I was going to quit nursing school to pursue my business with Beachbody and to become a fitness instructor. I LOVE the fitness lifestyle and everything about it. I want everyone to have the chance to build a business from home if they need to, so that they too can stay home with their children without missing out on opportunities.  

Keep Vanessa pumped by cheering her on PumpUp @vanessamejia! Have any questions for Vanessa? Let us know in the comments below!

Naturally Kai's Tips for a Healthier 2015

THE meal prep, fitness, and motivation tips you’ll remember throughout the New Year

This is a post by PumpUp member naturallykai. With the motivation from the pumpupapp, she was able to reach her goal weight for her wedding! Check out her excellent YouTube channel.

I’m kicking off the year by discussing health and fitness.  Health and fitness are two areas of life that can be challenging for many, so I hope to inspire you to continue or start your very own fitness journey.

I meal prep at least two large bowls of fruit salad and mixed green salad each week to save time and make sure that I eat healthy. I demonstrate how to prepare them here:

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my progress through meal prep alone. I elaborate upon these three tips for a healthier 2015 in the video below, and discuss how the PumpUp community helped me to achieve my goals:

  • Finding what works for you
  • Setting large and small fitness goals
  • Being more active

If you are starting or continuing a fitness journey, use the hashtag #gethealthy2015 to share your experiences!

Alright loves, I’ll chat with you soon :)

- @naturallykai