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Absolute Beginner Yoga Workout

Absolute Beginner Yoga Workout


To begin a yoga practice you need to stop competing with yourself and others. Yoga is a lot more than Downward Dog poses. The pose is actually quite challenging, and holding it for several breaths at ease is difficult, even for the most flexible. Before you can advance much further with yoga, you need to build the foundation of your practice by engaging your breathing with your movement and the moment. These are the key points of this Absolute Super Beginner yoga practice video where we will begin building the base. These moves are also good reminders for others who are more advanced with their practice. It's important to slow down and not go through the flow as if you're on auto-pilot.

This practice will give you the first insight of acknowledging different body parts during the practice. You'll engage in the moment. Breathing deeply actually requires a little bit of work in the abdominals. On the other hand, balancing poses are actually more work for the mind than for your body.

Since yoga is a lot more than making your heels touch the mat in Downward Dog, I left that pose out of this 30-minute routine on purpose.

Explore who you are and feel better by breathing deeper.

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Working out is hard. Here's why that isn't stopping me.

Working out is hard. Here's why that isn't stopping me.


Let’s face it: working out is hard. Depending on the person, some aspects of it are fun and easy but for us normies, working out is a challenge. I’ve been on my fitness journey for over two months now and you’d think each day would get easier. Well, it does but that’s the thing you dread. The moment it gets easier is the moment you know you gotta push it one step further because if you’re body’s not challenged, you begin to plateau. So everyday, five days a week, I go to the gym with nervousness in my heart. They say if you’re nervous, you care and boy do I care.When I get into the gym I begin to get in the zone. I take off my sweats. I tie my hair up and out of my face. I turn the t.v. to a show that makes me laugh so I can take my mind off the pain (preferably Parks & Recreation or How I Met Your Mother). Then, it begins. Stretching is the easy part. It’s my last minute time to be relaxed until I get to the nitty gritty. The first half of my workout is arms and abs. I huff and puff through that knowing that the worst is yet to come: cardio.

Cardio has always been a necessary evil of bitter sweetness. I know that’s a lot to think about. It’s necessary because it gets the heart rate up. It’s evil because, come on, how could it not be? It’s bitter for the same reason it is evil. And it’s sweet because once I’ve completed it, I feel so good about myself. Almost as if I’ve climbed Mount Everest. It’s safe to say that while I hate cardio, I keep coming back for more because I love it at the same time.

I usually do HIIT (high intensity interval training) on the treadmill and then some stair master action for cardio. It’s the treadmill exercise that gets me. On the treadmill, I start off by setting the machine to an incline of 2% and a pace of 3.5. This gets the juices flowing and gives me time to cherish the moments I have walking. Then, after 1 minute, I up the pace to 7.5 and sprint my booty off for 1 minute. I repeat this 7 times. The first round of this isn’t so hard. Even the second one isn’t so bad. But by the third one, I begin to question my abilities. All of these thoughts float in my head. “You can probably stop after this round; you’ve done enough already.” “You could just complete the rest of your cardio on the stair master.” “It hurts! It hurts! Stop! It hurts!” Oh how that voice messes with me. It makes me feel like I should listen and just stop. But then a louder voice comes in and stomps all over that initial voice.

“You’ve done this before and you can do it again.” “You’ll be so disappointed in yourself if you quit now.” “Keep going! You’ve come so far! It’s almost done!” Luckily, my body listens to that voice and I complete the treadmill work out with a smile.


Fitness is all about the mind. You change the way you think and you’ll change the way you act. Listening to that voice that tells you to stop will only bring you disappointment later. So keep going and give yourself a huge hug and a big gulp of water after you’ve completed another successful workout.

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