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Don't wake up, #flawless? Mourn the morning workout no more!


(photo credit: mathiasmattu)

Starting your morning with a workout may not be such a bad idea, especially if you tend to feel too exhausted to exercise after a long day at the office or at school. Early-bird cardio will help to jump-start your metabolism, allowing you to burn calories all day long when you are eating, instead when you are lying rock-solid on your mattress at night.

Rather than struggling through a workout in a flurry of blood, sweat, and tears to compensate for poorer food choices, exercising in the morning will give you the mindset to refuel your body with the energy and nutrients it needs.

As a morning exerciser, you will encounter fewer scheduling conflicts with chores or spontaneous activities that await you in the afternoon. Consequently, you will find yourself exercising more consistently and with fewer distractions. An extra bonus: you’ll be more likely to avoid crowded gyms or sidewalks and be motivated to have a more consistent sleep schedule.

Not a morning person? Neither are most of us. Really. Luckily, we have a few tips up our sleeves to transform you into an excuse executioner. You’ll master the morning workout in no time.

Near, far, wherever they are… the more alarms, the better

Having multiple alarms can effectively prevent you from sleeping in, especially if you make it a point to program them on different devices. This means you will be setting alarms on your phone in addition to your clock. You should also try placing your alarm(s) on the other side of the room. Once you’re standing, you’ll be hard-pressed to crawl back to your bed and wake up to silence your alarm again.

Lay everything out the night before

Packing your gym equipment in advance before you go to sleep will make your morning hustle much easier. Some even sleep in their exercise clothes the night before so that they wake up running-ready.

Sleep early to wake up early

Waking up in the morning is not going to be a walk in the park if you fall asleep at 2 A.M. Dedicate yourself to falling asleep earlier than you’re used to, if you can afford it.

Find a workout buddy

Social pressure can be a strong motivator to get up early. Whether you join a morning running group, sign up for a spin class at a nearby gym, or have a friend to text or call you in the morning, having a committed schedule and common exercise goal with another person will make you feel better about waking up and lower your attrition rate.

The struggle to work out in the morning is real, but worth it.


(photo credit: mathiasmattu)