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How to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Practice

How to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Practice

When stepping onto my yoga mat, I remind myself that this is a sacred place. One's mat is where all else ceases to exist. I begin my yoga practice by taking a deep inhale, as I do so, I focus on the air rushing into my lunges, I breathe in positive energy. On my exhale, I blow the air out through my lips and exhale all negative energy out of my body. I like to think of myself as a blank slate when I start my practice. Each day is a new beginning and a new way to mold yourself into the person you aim to be, I begin each day with an open mind and a grateful heart.


How Much Air Do You Breathe In a Day?

When the body is at rest, it takes in 8-12 litres of air per minute. During exercise, this increases to as much as 150 L/min for the average person! Want to learn more fun facts and interesting techniques about our breath?

Ever wonder why yoga and pilates instructors tell us to inhale through our noses and exhale through our mouths? Our nostril hairs are like filters. They purify particulate matter such as pollen and pollution so that we take in clean air. Our nose also helps to regulate the air that we inhale—keeping it at an optimal moisture and temperature for when it enters your lungs. Therefore, inhaling through our mouths can lend to wheezing and types of coughing that will make your workout uncomfortable. 

However, different breathing techniques should be adapted for different exercises. Do what feels comfortable for you. Greatist elaborates that the depth and pace of your breathing should change depending on whether you are performing cardio, strength training, high-intensity sports, or low intensity exercises such as yoga.

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