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How I beat Crohn's disease, lost 60 lbs, and turned my life around - Pauline's PumpUp Success Story

How I beat Crohn's disease, lost 60 lbs, and turned my life around - Pauline's PumpUp Success Story


After losing almost 60 lbs in 2014, Pauline began her search for a social platform that would keep her motivated and inspired to continue her fitness journey. "I found PumpUp in January to keep me motivated," she insisted. "I needed to maintain a proper diet and PumpUp helped me do just that." It was of utmost importance for Pauline to maintain a commitment to her health. "I had bowel problems because of Crohn's disease and my spine began to deteriorate from my excess weight and lack of exercise," she explained. "I weighed over 186 lbs (13 stone) in May 2014 and I've been hospitalized numerous times because of my ailments. Moreover, I smoked and binge drank. It was a recipe for disaster." Since Pauline joined the PumpUp community, she began to feel rejuvenated in more ways than one. "After I joined PumpUp, my life changed completely and I'm in better shape now than I was when I was 20 years old: physically and mentally," she confirmed. "I knew I had to hit rock bottom in order to change. I did so with the help of PumpUp, my family, and my trainer." Pauline was so motivated by her progress that she enrolled in and recently completed a diploma program for nutritional therapy.  "This was so important for me, as I realized that you can't out-train a bad diet," she insisted.

Pauline beat Crohn's disease

It's never too late to start. Though Pauline suffered an intense journey full of hardship and various medical ailments, she hasn't had the need to visit the doctor or hospital in over a year thanks to the progress that she made with the help of PumpUp. "I lost 7 babies through miscarriage from a blood clotting disorder and heart arrhythmia," she elaborated. "I was a mess when my only child turned 18 years old. That year, I decided that it was time to change. If somebody told me last year that my fused spine would be bench-pressing, deadlifting, and squatting with heavy weights, I would have laughed at them. Thanks to PumpUp, exercise, and nutrition, anything is possible."

Pauline hopes to continue her journey with PumpUp by staying in close touch with the community that motivated her along the way. "I will continue to use PumpUp to connect with likeminded individuals who keep me inspired and remind me why I started," she said firmly. "There is no going back on my ultimate goal: compete in a body building competition here in Ireland. I am determined to win once I set my foot on the stage." 

Pauline beat Crohn's disease

Pauline's Biggest Motivation

"It's myself, without a doubt. I beat Crohn's disease and defied the odds despite having a fused spine. All of this happened because of nutrition and weight training. Nothing in life worth having is free or easy. It's been hard, but I did it. I'm so proud that I have my health and my life back."

Pauline's Favorite Exercise

Definitely weight training or calisthenics. I love chin ups, but I need to refine my technique.

Pauline beat Crohn's disease

More about Pauline

I'm a big foodie and I have a blog where I post recipes and share about my progress. It was another motivational tool to have on this journey in addition to PumpUp. I won a competition to have the blog and site designed professionally and it fills my heart with joy because it looks greater than I could have ever imagined.

Keep Pauline pumped! Inspired by how she beat Crohn's disease? Cheer her on the app as she makes her way to the stage @challengeuchangeu. Have questions for Pauline? Let her know in the comments below!