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Try this no-joke workout with a partner

Try this no-joke workout with a partner


It might be April Fool's day, but this no-joke workout is exactly the way it sounds: it's seriously not a joke. PumpUp members @breezybaby and @kaylamoore put together a partner workout that certainly doesn't fool around with your time, nor your muscles. Grab a friend and get fit for life! Spring into action by showing your body who's boss. Repeat this circuit 2-3x

Push-Up Deadlifts x 15 reps

push up deadlifts

Medicine Ball Passes x 20 reps

no-joke workout

Plank to High-Fives x 12 reps

plank to high five gif

Leg raises with an overhead medicine ball press (8lbs) x 20 reps

leg raise overhead press

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