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4 Steps to Get Back On Track After Over-Indulgent Eating

4 Steps to Get Back On Track After Over-Indulgent Eating


It’s the weekend and your social schedule is packed. You’ve got a night out with friends on Friday, followed by a wedding Saturday afternoon, and then a birthday party to cap it all off on Sunday. Fun? Yes.

Eating healthy? Not so much.

Whether it’s an entire weekend of not-so-healthy eating choices, just one day, or even one really big meal (hello all-you-can-eat sushi!), there’s a good chance you’ll be looking to rebound afterwards.

Here are 4 steps to get back on track after over-indulgent eating so that you can help your body and mind recover. You'll be able to get back to eating and feeling the way you’d like.

1. Top Up With More Water

Drink more water (GIF) - Get back on track after over-eating // The PumpUp Blog


The thought of adding anything to your stomach might not be very appealing after a junk food binge, but drinking some water is the first step towards recovery.

Drinking water is crucial after over-eating for two reasons: First, it helps break down solid food. This enables your body to absorb more nutrients as food passes through your digestive tract.

Second, water helps prevent stomach bloating and constipation, which are likely the last things you want to experience after eating a big meal! Drinking even a little extra water will soften the solid food in your stomach and help speed up the digestive process.

2. Get Up, Get Moving

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Although you might feel like parking yourself on the couch and binge-watching Netflix, one of the best things you can do after indulgent eating is to get up and get moving.

A little exercise will prevent a lethargic food hangover from setting in, plus it will give your metabolism a much-needed boost. Physical activity will help move excess blood sugar to your muscles where it will be used as energy instead of storing it as fat.

You don’t have to go out and run a marathon either. Try a simple workout routine in your living room, follow along with a workout video, or just go for a walk.

3. Prepare Your Next Healthy Meal

Eat a healthy meal (GIF) - Recover from over-eating // The PumpUp Blog


Who wants to look at food after an eating frenzy?

You don’t have to actually eat a healthy meal when you’re already feeling stuffed, but planning and even preparing something that’s light and healthy is very important.

Some people will skip a meal or two in an attempt to fast away their food remorse, but going without food for too long can set you up for more bad food choices.

Instead, chopping up some veggies, making a salad, or even just picking out a healthy recipe that you’ll prepare for your next meal is a good way to avoid hunger and food cravings in the near future.

While you might feel stuffed right now, that feeling won’t last too long. Have a healthy meal option ready to go.

4. Ask Yourself, “Why?”

Ask yourself why - steps to recover after overeating // The PumpUp Blog

There are lots of reasons why people overeat. What was your reason?

Was it social pressure? Were you using food to deal with stress? Or maybe you were out of groceries and settled for a tub of ice cream!

It’s important to understand why your eating fell off track so that you can avoid doing it in the future.

4 ways to stay on track after over-indulgent eating // the PumpUp Blog

Falling for food temptations can easily be avoided by setting up an accountability system with a friend, cleaning out all junk food from your kitchen, or batch-preparing healthy foods so that you always have something good on hand.

Keep in mind that an occasional indulgence is no big deal – It’s not worth dwelling on it or beating yourself up. Just be proactive in getting your body back on track so that you can feel well as quickly as possible.

Author Bio:

Dave Smith is a professional fitness and weight-loss coach who was chosen as “Canada’s Top Fitness Professional” in 2013. You can find free workouts and more of his weight-loss resources at

3 Reasons Why Cheating On Your Diet Will Lead to Better Results

3 Reasons Why Cheating On Your Diet Will Lead to Better Results


Just about any honest person will admit to having the occasional (or maybe more often) craving to eat something that doesn’t exactly jive with a healthy diet. How big of a deal is it to indulge once in a while? A common fitness saying goes like this: “Your fitness is 80% dependent on what you eat and 20% on how you exercise.” While it’s obviously true that a healthy diet is crucial for weight-loss and getting a great physique, there is room for some cheating. In fact, having a specific cheat day can actually help you improve your fitness results!

Here are 3 good reasons why cheating on your diet is a good thing:

1. Cheating Keeps You Motivated

Having one or two pre-set cheat meals each week can keep you focused

Some people approach healthy eating with an “all-in” mentality. These people are motivated to get results and choose to swear off all treats because “that’s what it takes!”

Unfortunately, eating clean 24/7 would require superhuman resolve, and simply isn’t doable for the long-term. Cravings begin to creep in, and soon that “all-in” approach leads to one misstep, then another, and soon it’s “all-out” (usually with a bag of chips or big bowl of ice cream!)

A more realistic approach involves picking a specific day or meal that will be your designated time to cheat. Not only does this provide something to look forward to, but it also reduces the psychological drain of trying to fight off cravings week after week.

Having one or two pre-set cheat times each week can play a powerful role in helping you stay focused and motivated to eat well outside of that designated time.

2. More Calories Is Sometimes a Good Thing

. A burst of calories each week reassures your body that food isn’t in short supply.

Cheating on your diet is more than a psychological coping mechanism. There are physical benefits of eating extra calories on a regular basis. In fact, doing so actually teaches your body to burn more calories.

Your body’s main purpose is to survive. If you were to go on a calorie-restrictive diet for long periods of time, this can signal your body to take protective action. Not confident that enough food is on its way, small but powerful hormonal changes can take place.

Hormones that control the thyroid gland stop being produced in adequate quantities, which tells your thyroid to slow down. What’s this mean? Basically your metabolism drops and fat-burning stops completely. Yikes!

This is why a planned cheat day can be so awesome for anyone who is trying to get lean. A burst of calories each week reassures your body that food isn’t in short supply. Hormones keep flowing to the thyroid gland and your metabolism will actually get a boost.

3. Cheating Helps Build Better Habits

A pre-determined cheat day keeps indulgences in check and ensures that the eating habits you build will be healthy ones

In order to see noticeable fitness gains over the long-term, healthy habits must be built up. That’s why a planned cheat day can be so much better than “little cheats” here and there.

While it can be easy to think that a little treat after dinner each night isn’t going to add up, this is creating a habit. Eating something sweet (or savory, or salty if that’s your preference) becomes part of your routine and your body learns to expect this.

This innocent habit can easily start showing up elsewhere in your daily routine: A sugary mocha latte in the morning, a cookie at lunch, and then some late-night chocolate all become normal occurrences.

A specific cheat day keeps these indulgences contained and the regular eating habits you build will be healthy ones. One day of cheating doesn’t compare to the habit-building power of six days eating clean!

Anyone who is looking to clean up their diet should seriously consider adding a cheat day to their weekly routine. Not only can it help you get better results and build healthier lifestyle habits, but cheating can be a fun way to enjoy tasty food guilt-free. (Now give me that slice of pizza!)

About the author

Dave Smith is a professional fitness and weight-loss coach who was chosen as “Canada’s Top Fitness Professional” by CanFitPro. You can more of his healthy-living resources at