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How this PumpUp member surprised herself with her progress

How this PumpUp member surprised herself with her progress


At PumpUp, we celebrate scale-related and non-scale related victories. Longtime PumpUp member @chocolatefitness experienced both. She was browsing through her profile and noticed a palpable difference between her current photos and photos that she shared with the community in the past. "I saw a big change in my stomach photos," she enthused. "I'm really proud of my self. It's just something I wanted to share as I was looking through my old posts." Image-1 (2)

Since @chocolatefitness joined PumpUp in March 2014, she's made definite progress with her strength, endurance, and confidence. This member regularly finds time to incorporate all kinds of activity throughout her week, varying from runs, walks, weightlifting sessions, and even workouts using the PumpUp app. "I see some good change," she commented. "It might not seem much, but if anything, it's amazing to me because I see myself everyday and don't see progress. [With] this picture, I see lots." Over the course of her journey, she's lost over 40 lbs and made peace with her body. "Yes, I have a tummy and I have thighs, but I will work my hardest to get them strong," she affirmed. "It was all about being skinny at first [and] to want a body that I saw on TV. Throughout this journey I realized that it was about my health, and that's what it is. I love that I still have thighs. I've gained a lot of confidence to appreciate my own body."

PumpUp Progress

Thanks to the help of PumpUp, @chocolatefitness is getting closer and closer to her goal. She inspires thousands of members with her posts. "I love PumpUp for its awesome positivity, for pointers, and much more," she enthused.

Keep her pumped on the app and cheer her on @chocolatefitness! Have an inspiring story to share with us? Let us know in the comments below or email alessandra[@]!