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How To Avoid Getting Germs From the Gym

How To Avoid Getting Germs From the Gym

It’s no secret that hitting the gym has innumerable benefits for your body and mind. That’s why it’s such a bummer that the gym isn’t always the healthiest place for you to hang out. In fact, a fitness center can be host to a plethora of germs brought in by guests and missed by cleaning crews, no matter how thorough they are. There is good news, though: you can avoid getting unwanted germs from the gym during your next workout and beyond. The following five tips will help you do it.

Running through the Cold!

Runner in SnowDuring the winter, many people find themselves skipping out on the regular runs they do when they’re graced with the warm months. Unfortunately that warmth is a long way away, but going for a run during the winter really isn’t that difficult — all you need is the right equipment to prepare yourself. By following these simple guidelines, you’ll find that running in the winter isn’t as hard as it seems!


Proper clothing is essential when you’re trying to brace the cold. Always remember that most of your body heat tends to escape from your hands, feet, and head, so wearing a warm pair of socks, gloves, and a touque (or winter hat for our American friends) will help you stay warm. Thermal underwear is also great to keep your body warm without having to sacrifice comfort and mobility during your runs.

That being said, remember that when you exercise your body heats up, so test out how much clothing you need because you may find yourself a lot warmer than you imagined. Always dress in layers so you can take off clothes as you get warmer (maybe a good hiding spot will help you from losing it).


Generally, your regular all-season running shoes are perfectly fine for the snow, but there are special running shoes for the winter if you really want to gear up. Check your local shoe store for more information regarding winter running shoes. Regardless, you should avoid ice patches at all cost, and try to activate your core during your run to avoid potential slips (and intensify your workout).

Trial and Error

There’s no harm in going outside and giving it a shot! You may feel a “burning” sensation in your lungs because of the cold air, but that goes away with time. If you feel too warm or too cold, add or remove a layer of clothing and try again. Don’t give up — people who do it, love it.

I hope this motivates you to try running outside. For more fitness tips, make sure you follow us on twitter!