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New Features: Warm Up & Cool Down!

What do you do to warm up your body for a great workout? How about helping it recover? Did you answer dynamic warm-up and static stretching cool-down? We didn’t think so. This post will give you a quick overview of why we added these important features.

This week at PumpUp we’ve implemented a warm-up that matches your workout so that you prepare your body for the training you’re about to do. Not only is this going to help you improve your performance during your workout, but it’s also going to help prevent injuries - a common misfortune among many gym-goers.

We’ve also implemented a cool-down for you to help reduce some post-workout soreness in the coming days. You will be static stretching all the muscles you just worked to improve recovery and get you back in the gym faster!

We know you’ll love this improvement to PumpUp!