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Quick Upper Body Workout (Just 3 Moves!)

Quick Upper Body Workout (Just 3 Moves!)

Improve your stability and upper body strength with three quick moves! If you thought that burpees were tough, wait till you try bosu burpees. Your core muscles will fight to keep you steady throughout this quick upper body workout. 

5 ab exercise videos for busy bees (15 mins or less)

5 ab exercise videos for busy bees (15 mins or less)


Working on your core doesn't have to be a bore (or a chore for that matter). Take 15 minutes out of your day to improve your core strength. If you're at home, you can easily do so with simple, straight-forward ab exercise videos. Resources like Fitness Blender, Tone It Up, POPSUGAR Fitness, and XHit Daily make it easy for you to squeeze in a quick workout, regardless of how busy you are. No gym required. If you're doing the PumpUp #ChallengeMe June fitness series, you'll earn points for every 15 minutes of ab exercises that you do today. 15 minute ab workout videos

Fitness Blender's Abs Boot camp

Difficulty level: Beginner - Moderate

You won't need any equipment to do these ten exercises. You'll repeat each move twice, for 30 seconds each rep. You're encouraged to perform the moves at your own pace in order to maintain proper form throughout the entire video. Though Fitness Blender expects you to break an intense sweat during their ab exercise videos, this one isn't too challenging. According to their website, you can burn as much as 103 calories by doing this video.

Tone It Up's Bikini Abs Routine

Difficulty level: Moderate to Advanced

Tone It Up's bikini abs routine really is a difficult workout on its own. There are standing warm ups to get your heart pumping before you proceed with challenging moves that play a game of tug-o-war with your stabilizer muscles. Watch out for the single leg reverse crunch when you're doing this routine. Go slowly, emphasizing proper form rather than maximizing your repetitions to get the most out of this workout.

Popsugar Fitness's Fast and Furious Calorie Burn

Difficulty level: Moderate to Advanced

Autumn Calabrese sure knows how to make mean workouts. This 'full-body' routine actually incorporates several dynamic standing moves that are great for burning fat around your abs. It'll keep your heart rate up and help you to build strength as well. You'll need a pair of dumbbells for this routine.

XHit Daily's Washboard Abs

Difficulty level: Moderate

You'll have a ball with this ab workout.  As fun as bouncing on a stability ball may be, you can get a pretty effective ab workout with a few simple moves. The ball makes conventional ab exercises a lot more challenging by destabilizing your body. Just roll with it (but actually, try to minimize rolling while you're performing the moves).

Jessica Smith's Crunch-Free Workout

Difficulty Level: Beginner - Moderate

Who doesn't love ab exercise videos that don't include crunches? This workout uses more static exercises (like the plank) in order to build your core strength. All of these exercises are done on the floor and you won't need any equipment to get started.

Loved these ab exercise videos? Let us know your favorite ways to build core strength in the comments below! Cover photo courtesy of PumpUp member m_dancer18. If you're doing our #ChallengeMe June fitness series, you'll earn points for every 15 minutes of ab exercises that you do today.

4 simple ab exercises for a stronger core

4 simple ab exercises for a stronger core


It's important to have a stronger core for reasons far more important than aesthetics. When you exercise the muscles around your trunk and pelvis, this helps to improve our stability and balance. This short ab circuit by PumpUp member @fitmissrach will challenge your core muscles with 4 simple moves. Try this circuit for just 10 minutes a day. These moves will build a stronger core before you realize it. Toe touches

Ab moves for a stronger core: Toe touch gif

Begin with your body in an L-shaped position. Legs are straight up in the air and your upper body is flat on the ground with your arms straight and raised above your head. This is your starting position. With one movement, touch your hands to your ankles and lift your upper body towards the ceiling. Lower back to starting position.

In and outs

ab moves for a stronger core: in and outs

In a seated position, keep your tailbone on the ground, hands at the base of your spine, and feet hovering above the floor. Begin with your knees bent to start. Simultaneously, lower your upper body and straighten out your legs, then come back up to start.

Plank wall jumps

Ab moves for a stronger core: plank wall jumps

Start with your arms in plank position, feet just at the base of the wall. Your forearms should be in line with your wrists. Quickly jump your feet vertically to touch the wall, then lower.

Mountain climbers

Ab moves for a stronger core: mountain climbers

Start in plank position. Drive the opposite knee to the opposite shoulder, twisting your obliques throughout the motion. Switch to the other leg repeatedly.

Keep Rachael pumped on the app by following her @fitmissrach. Check out her Instagram account @rachaelgervais. What is your favourite ab circuit for a stronger core? Let us know if you tried this exercise in the comments below!



PumpUp’s Best Plank Photos

Thanks for planking it out on Day 3 of PumpUp’s #MyResolution photo-a-day challenge! Creative planks are always great to witness and a riot to perform, aren’t they? Remember to never sacrifice proper form for extra time in the pose. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest plank to date was held for 4 hours and 26 minutes. 

Here are a handful among many of PumpUp’s favourite planks from the challenge:

  • @emily_swan (top photo) demonstrates some sweet plank variations to try! These isometric poses will work different parts of your body.
  • @alexawinter (second row, left), among many others on the app, took this opportunity to plank it out in her kitchen!
  • Ain’t no mountain high, ain’t no valley low enough for @k_c (second row, right). She climbed on top of Pinnacle Mountain in order to take this shot!
  • Maybe treadmills aren’t just for running. Maybe. There was no ‘treading’ to be seen with @amyliu’s plank! (third row,left)
  • @danelee (third row, right) explained that he does a lot of plank work in gymnastics. He decided to do his plank on two physioballs!
  • The winner of our challenge is @annakw! She vastly improved her plank time since she began to work out in September. “I couldn’t hold one for more than a minute. Now, the most I can do is two minutes!” 


PumpUp Member chanelblz’s core is to.die.for. Notice how I didn’t just say her abs? Your core is made of so much more! To be precise, your core is the foundation of your body. It helps you look thinner, it supports your spine, and helps with your balance. Your core muscles are connected to your legs, to the way you stand, squat, and sit. Core Training is not just about your abs - it is also about your back, glutes, and the area that connects your spinal cord! So start strengthening that core to be an all around stronger force to be reckoned with!