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Shanon's story will boost your self-esteem - PumpUp Spotlight Series


PumpUp’s superbly supportive @shanonxd is in the spotlight for her courage opening up to us about her personal struggles with self-esteem. “Now I love myself, I feel worthy, and it really makes me happy that you guys actually care about me even when you don’t know me.” She manages to stay active as a runner and dancer to manage her scoliosis and she aspires to help other PumpUp members overcome their insecurities. Learn more about her below!

It has been just seven months since Shanon was inspired to join the PumpUp community, and it wouldn’t be the same without her. “I started because I saw someone using it and thought I should give it a try,” she explained. Though she maintained healthy eating habits prior to joining the community, Shanon admits that she did not work out much. “I would usually just do my homework, and after that I would read or watch television,” she says. “Now that I use PumpUp, I make it a point to work out at least three times a week. Maybe more!”


PumpUp has helped tremendously with Shanon’s self-esteem, and we’re excited that she’s constantly there to encourage people in the community as well. “I feel like I need to help other people even with the smallest things. If someone is down, I just want to cheer them up, even if I don’t know them,” elaborates Shanon. “PumpUp made me feel better about myself and that’s exactly what I wanted to accomplish with the app. Now I just want be healthier and get stronger. I’m so grateful for PumpUp, it really makes me happy that you guys actually care about me even when you don’t know me.”

Shanon was brave enough to share about how she overcame some of her acute personal struggles. “About six months ago I hated who I was. I was insecure, and because of certain things that happened on social media, I started cutting my wrists,” she courageously confesses. She has been clean for five months and we’re extremely proud of her progress. “Since I started to work out and saw everybody on PumpUp being motivated, it got better. Now I love myself, I feel worthy, and I’m really happy all thanks to you guys.” 


To stay motivated, Shanon treasures a notebook where she writes and stores her favourite quotes and pictures of people who inspire her. Not only is it portable, the notebook also serves as a creative outlet for Shannon. “If anyone has a little trouble with motivation, you should try this! Just look in [the book] and realize what you have to work for!”

She has been able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle—full of dance, soccer, tennis, running, pilates, long walks, and yoga—all the while overcoming certain medical conditions. “I still have to overcome dizzy spells. No one really knows or understands what it is. It’s really weird because it happens at the most inconvenient moments,” Shanon tells. She also has scoliosis, a medical condition that results in the abnormal curvature of the spine.


She has tons of inspirational things to say for people others looking to get fit, urging other members to keep going even if it gets hard. “If it doesn’t get hard, you’re not pushing yourself enough and you won’t see any changes,” she insists. “The only way to overcome your fears is to face them.”

The most inspirational person in Shanon’s life is her mother. “She urges me to never give up and always keep going.” 

Favourite eats

My favorite snack would be bananas. Because I’m a vegetarian, I love almost meal that has vegetables in them. Water is my favorite drink.


Motivational Mantra

"When they say you can’t do it, prove them wrong."

More about Shanon

"I’ve been a vegetarian for three years—when I was twelve I stopped eating meat."

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