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Have no fear! PumpUp is here!

We asked you about your greatest fears, and you answered. Here are some of the bravest responses from our bravest PumpUp warriors.


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The fear of heights—also known as acrophobia—is a pretty normal trepidation. Certain neurologists trace the cause of acrophobia to the theory that when humans are at a high elevation, our visual cortex becomes overloaded and imparts a sense of unnerving dizziness or confusion. PumpUp member @losefatgetfit resolved to conquer his fear of heights by going skydiving with his best friend at 13,000 ft in June 2014. “It was an incredible experience,” he gushed. “My next mini-goal is to do the rides at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas!” He’s also embarking on a 10-week transformation!

It’s okay to be fearful of our past when we use it as a reminder that the lowest lows can be overcome with strength and perseverance. @tlspasaway admitted that her greatest fear was reverting to the lowest point of her life. “I was a broken person inside out. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get up and be myself again,” she said. “I lost everything to addiction four years ago, but I overcame it on my own with the thought that I will and can transcend it.” She’s happy to announce that she is in a much better place than she was before, and receives help and support along the way with the support of her PumpUp family.

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The future can freak us out, but a healthy and active lifestyle is one way that we can combat the onset of illnesses that we are genetically predisposed to develop. While @birgittemillhoj’s fear is getting alzheimers or dementia down the line like her grandparents did,  she’s maintaining healthy habits to help prevent it from happening. We’re also inspired by @rbgoodman17’s fear: “Mine is not bettering the world before I leave it.” She’s already off to a great start by being a supportive and positive member of the PumpUp community.

Losing loved ones is also painfully devastating, and @mjmartinez86 was brave enough to share about her experience grappling with the losses of her close friends and family. “I have lost many to natural causes, car accidents, suicides, cancer, and all have been painful. My fear reached its peak when my mom got diagnosed with stage four cancer and was given the life span of three weeks [after her diagnosis],” she shared. “To say the least I was crushed and my heart hurt. But with the help of my family and friends I came to see that fear of the future is nothing but unnecessary heartache.” Now, @mjmartinez86 tackles that fear by taking each day as it comes, and by frequently telling her loved ones that they are important to her and that she loves them. “Live in the now, be in the now, and life will be a joy!” she advises. “And my mom is currently going on one year and six months as a cancer fighter!”


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Part and parcel with being scared of loss is being scared of loneliness. Unlike the Backstreet Boys, we’d rather not have somebody show us the meaning of being lonely. @aleetree mentioned that she hates the feeling of having no one to talk to. It’s great, therefore, that social media can at least partially help subdue this feeling—the PumpUp community is always there to motivate and support others along their health and wellness journeys.

Just as @fitandfabmary divulged her greatest fear of not being ‘good enough’ @linabean discussed her fear of rejection, failure, public speaking, and public humiliation.  Remember: fear is the anticipation of pain—people (and especially those on PumpUp) do want you to succeed!  Feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth are pervasive, even among the most successful people in the world. We do want to be the very best (like no one ever was) but this desire can be distorted both by constant comparison and self-pressure. As The Every Girl columnist Jenna Arak puts it, “Remember your own definition of success, not someone else’s.”

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