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Can we convince you to never skip breakfast?


Can we convince you to never skip breakfast? Meal prep ideas and tips

Ever feel irritable when you’re low on food? You, friend, are feeling hangry. Love yourself: don’t skip meals…especially not breakfast! Eating a bigger breakfast can help suppress cravings and prevent you from being #hangry later in the day. You (and most likely, those around you), will thank yourself for eating breakfast.

Need more reasons?

  • Concentration. You’re strolling down a slushy sidewalk. A letter for the post office is in hand. You glance at the envelope and realize that you forgot to decorate it with a stamp. Your phone pings: it’s an emoji story from your best friend (what else). Your phone pings again: a fitness app like the pumpupapp reminds you that you missed your morning workout. Suddenly you forgot what you, well, forgot in the first place. We didn’t mean to ramble, but let’s face it: our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Breakfast may help with that.

  • Faster metabolism. A study conducted by Harvard University, with a huge sample size (17,000 men) indicated that participants who consumed breakfast on a regular basis had consistently lower weights than their counterparts who rarely or never consumed meals in the morning

Too lazy?


Even if you wake up and you cannot even bear the idea of cracking open the fridge; meal prep is a sure-fire way to make sure you that you do get breakfast. Just. Do. 

  • Cut up pieces of fruit in advance and seal it in tupperware 
  • Seal smoothie ingredients in ziplock bags. All you have to do is blend them and go. So. painless.
  • Make a bunch of protein pancakes (1 banana + 2 eggs) or gluten free pancakes, or ANY pancakes in advance; freeze ‘em, and reheat them. They’re much better homemade: you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. 
  • Make homemade protein bars that you can grab and go
  • As a general rule of thumb to keep in mind: add more fiber and protien to your breakfast. Chia seeds are great for mornings:  they have 10 g of fiber + nearly 5 g of protein per ounce! A little chia goes a long way to keep you fuller for longer.