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We’re featuring a guest blog today from Emma and India, two lovely ladies behind an awesome blog called themessyheads. They’ll be chronicling their fitness journey as well as healthy eating tips for us.  In college? Their post on dorm food snacks is perfect for you.

4 Delightful Dorm Snacks


Now that I’m in college and don’t have the luxury of a kitchen, it’s hard to keep eating healthy. All of my foods have to be kept at room temperature, so a lot of people resort to granola bars and chips for snack food. Personally, I need food with a lot of energy and good ingredients so I can stay alert and study. If I start eating processed, packaged food I fall into a general slump. This is what I keep in my teeny tiny pantry. (Everything is from trader joes)

Kind bar- best granola bar in my opinion. Gluten free & all natural nuts and dried fruits. They come in tons of different flavors. I like cranberry or dark chocolate sea salt when I have a sweet tooth.

Fruit bar- Chia is the best energy ever! Back home I would have cranberry juice and chia seeds all the time, but I can’t do that without a fridge. This fruit bar is basically fruit, flax, chia, and lemon juice.

Apples- Apples are basically the only fruit that don’t need to be refrigerated, don’t go bad easily, and don’t require a knife to cut them. These gala apples come in a bag of about 6 or 8.

Powerberries: I need to munch on these dried berries covered in dark chocolate to get me through my psych text book.