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Healthy Chilled Recipes To Get On Track | Get Healthy With Valentina

Healthy Chilled Recipes To Get On Track | Get Healthy With Valentina

Cold weather doesn't have to get you down! I recently came back from Mexico to a cold Germany. Despite the cold, I wanted to eat chilled or really exotic food things make me feel a little more like I was at home. Of course, I changed some ingredients to make the dishes healthier because I wasn't exactly the healthiest person on earth when I was in Mexico.   Eating well is all about balance. 

Hibiscus Tea - An All-Natural Agua de Jamaica Recipe

Hibiscus Tea - An All-Natural Agua de Jamaica Recipe


Summer is almost coming to an end. The only possible way to cope is with a super refreshing drink: all-natural Agua de Jamaica! If you love lemonade, this tart— yet sweet—drink is just as thirst-quenching! It's also known as hibiscus tea. Hibiscus is a flower that is celebrated and widely-known in South America and some regions of Asia for its refreshing properties. There are wide variety of benefits that come with drinking a cup of earthy hibiscus tea:

Lower blood pressure

The Hibiscus flower has “anti-hypertensive properties” which helps lower blood pressure levels. Some studies found that drinking 2-3 cups of hibiscus tea can mitigate the effects of high blood pressure.


Like berries and some leafy greens, this tea has tons and tons of antioxidants that protect us from chronic diseases like heart problems and cancer.

This drink doesn’t have to be made straight from dried flowers. Though the flavor won’t be the same, chilled hibiscus tea can also be made with 5 hibiscus tea bags and 10 cups of water. For this recipe, feel free to use the sweenter of your choice, such as stevia or agave nectar.

Agua de Jamaica

Chilled agua de jamaica - Hibiscus tea recipe // The PumpUp Blog

Makes 5-6 cups


  • 10 cups of water
  • 1 cup dried hibiscus flowers
  • ¼ cup of brown sugar
  • Juice of a lime.
  • 1 cup of ice


  1. In a large bowl, boil all 10 cups of water
  2. Next, mix in the cup of hibiscus and let it bloom for 20 minutes (or steep for 20 minutes if you're using tea bags)
  3. After the set time has passed, strain the flower and let your tea cool for about 20 mins.
  4. When the tea is at room temperature, add the lime juice, sugar (or sweetener) and ice.
  5. Serve with some lime wedges and ice

Macros (per 1 cup)

  • Protein: 0g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 7 g
    • Fiber: 0g

About the author.

Valentina Selviz is a food and fitness blogger getting her degree in Nutrition, and a certification in Personal Training. Check her out on her social media accounts and her blog for macro friendly recipes and fitspo!

Instagram/ Pump Up: @valselviz


The most refreshing 3 ingredient post-workout smoothie ever

The most refreshing 3 ingredient post-workout smoothie ever


After a gruelling and intense workout, you need to refuel in a major way. You need a refreshing-post workout smoothie as soon as possible, without complicated preparation instructions that will compel you to forego the smoothie-making process. You need this delightfully easy watermelon smoothie by PumpUp member @xtaliax. There are only 3 ingredients: watermelon, banana, and vanilla protein powder. Your tastebuds will sing with joy as you savour the flavour of crisp watermelon. Your body will thank you for gulping down what might possibly be the most refreshing post-workout smoothie you've ever had to date.

How to prepare our 3-ingredient Post-Workout Smoothie

  • 3 cups watermelon
  • 2 mini bananas
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

Blend it all up and drink it through a paper straw to add some pizazz! Share your smoothie creations with the PumpUp community by using the #smoothie hashtag!

3 ingredient post-workout smoothie