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11 amazing photos from PumpUp's Scavenger Hunt

11 amazing photos from PumpUp's Scavenger Hunt


We challenged the PumpUp community to find items that fit the description of what was listed in the photo below. Pretty terrific entries were submitted for the contest! Although only one winner was inevitably chosen, we've decided to showcase 12 amazing photos that inspired us from the scavenger hunt.

Here's what each person was challenged to find for the fitness scavenger hunt:

  • Something PumpUp Blue
  • Something inspirational
  • Something you use as a weight
  • Something nutritious
  • Something you use to play music
  • Something you wear while running


From @alishasmith25: A PumpUp blue water bottle, an inspirational picture of her first 10 km race, purple dumbbells, baby spinach, pink speakers, and nike shoes.


From @shannondancer11: A PumpUp blue water, bottle, her favourite quote, a weighted plate, oranges and bananas, an iPod, and sneakers.


From @jenilacko: An inspiring card for South Africa, her backpack, kale, a vinyl player, and sneakers.Screenshot_2015-04-06-20-02-13

From @maryancgc: PumpUp blue progress bar, Khloe Kardashian, a white dumbbell, fruits, her headphones, and tennis sneakers.

pumpup fitness scavenger hunt

From @pigeonsmcgee: Running shorts, her favourite fortune, a dumbbell set, blue berry greek yogurt, headphones and boy shorts


From cgal0113: An SAT preparation book, an inspiring quote, 5lb dumbbells, detox water, an iPhone, and cute running gear. 


From @tiptopteacher: A balloon from her last day at school, her boyfriend, a kettle bell, Greek salad, her iPhone, and Nike free runs.


From @carbsandcardio: Sports for Human Rights charity bracelets, Bend it like Beckham, a TotalGym home trainer, a healthy snack pack, an iPod nano, and an iPhone case.


From @kieferjasmin: A "PumpUp blue" outfit, an inspirational quote, a blue dumbbell, blueberries and almonds, her favourite headphones, and running gear.


From @marcialeite14: Sneakers, A quote from a wall at the gym, a dumbbell, Protein pancakes, and her computer.


From @dylanr2015: A PumpUp t-shirt, a quote hung on his door, dumbbells at the recreation center, oranges and bananas, his iPhone, and Nike shoes.


2-ingredient vegan chocolate (we know, it's a real thing)

2-ingredient vegan chocolate (we know, it's a real thing)


As Easter looms over your head, promises of chocolate and Cadbury mini-eggs float around you like snowflakes endlessly drifting down from the pale white sky.  If you're going to inevitably indulge, know that there are alternatives! Here's a 2-ingredient vegan chocolate recipe that isn't an assault on your taste buds. You can make it again (and again) without too much of a hassle on your part. You can make it for others or keep it as a tiny and tasty little secret to yourself and your tastebuds. Incorporate it into your favourite recipes that call for dark chocolate to impart a much bolder flavour. While it may not turn out to be the mini-eggs you dream and dream about, this 2-ingredient vegan chocolate recipe by PumpUp member @heybeau makes it possible for you satisfy your chocolate craving again and again.


  • 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons of cacao powder


  • Maple syrup or agave nectar, to taste
  • Chocolate protein powder

Mix coconut oil and cacao powder together and add sweetener and/or the protein powder if desired. Refrigerate for 15 minutes and enjoy! Keep mixture cool for as long as it exists in your household. If you wish to increase the portion size of the recipe, do so by mixing the coconut oil and cacao powder in a 1:1 ratio.

2-ingredient vegan chocolate