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Say "No!" - Here's Why Eating Disorders Are Not an Option

Say "No!" - Here's Why Eating Disorders Are Not an Option

In today’s world, there are many options to lose weight. They can range from healthy alternatives to destructive choices. Sadly, the destructive choices are widely prevalent within the fitness world.  We have to take a stand to not follow the crowd and say NO!

How Anna overcame bulimia and learned to love herself

How Anna overcame bulimia and learned to love herself

Anne combed through resources on the Internet in an attempt to find the motivation that she so desperately sought. That's when she found PumpUp. "I hoped that the PumpUp community would motivate me, and it definitely did," she insisted. "My lifestyle before PumpUp was very up and down. I tried to be healthy and I tried to exercise, but I didn't know how to go about doing it."

Katie is the most inspiring person you'll ever read about - PumpUp Spotlight Series


It would be an understatement to say that PumpUp member @katieeliza_ has been through a lot! “Confidence is a new thing to me and I wish I could help grant everyone with even just a little bit of it!” shared Katie. “I could only imagine where I would be or who I would have become if I’d just learned to believe in myself sooner.” After she gained weight in the years following high school, Katie recovered from an eating disorder and now lives an active lifestyle with the help and support of PumpUp!  


Katie has been on PumpUp for almost a year—and look how far she’s come! “I was starting to make a change in my lifestyle and I figured that using the app would be a good way to help me get started and keep track of my progress,” she exclaimed. Not only has Katie been consistent about updating the PumpUp community about her transformation, she gives back unwavering support to other members as well.

Prior to PumpUp, Katie’s lifestyle was quite different. “It was pretty all over the place,” she explains. “I was athletic when I was younger and I used to eat a lot of junk without a second thought. After high school my metabolism hit a brick wall and I started gaining weight. I had no idea what to do with myself.”


It was difficult for Katie to cope with the physiological changes brought on by her weight gain. “I was pretty depressed about my body image and I struggled with losing weight in extremely unhealthy ways,” she revealed. “Living [with an eating disorder] left me miserable and I felt too weak to do even the simplest of daily tasks.”  Nevertheless, Katie bravely recovered from her eating disorder, put weight back on, but began to feel sluggish all the time. “I knew it wasn’t the way that a normal person in their twenties should be feeling,” she recalled.



Now a self-professed gym-junkie, Katie wouldn’t trade her active lifestyle for the world. “If you had ever told the old me that I’d be a gym junkie, I would have probably laughed in your face!” she gleamed. “But look at me now!” Since she joined PumpUp, Katie eats clean most of the time and eats more frequently than she ever has before. “I push for 5 small meals a day. But every once in awhile I remember how much I love cookies…I’m a sucker for a chocolate chip cookie,” nodded Katie. She also manages to work out 5-6 days a week, despite her hectic schedule. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she affirmed.

She counsels other PumpUp members to find motivation from within his or herself. “Hold on to that motivation for dear life,” she urged. “You are so beautiful and so worth working for! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything.” Recognizing personal victories is an important part of the process for Katie. “Love yourself through all the successes and failures of your journey! You will fall, but that only makes victory that much sweeter when it’s accomplished,” she continued. Moving forward, Katie aspires to help other people find comfort in their own skin, just like she found comfort in hers. 


Katie’s biggest motivation is her best friend Shayler (@shaysymm on PumpUp). “She really helped me kick my butt into gear!” said Katie. “She’s always been here to help guide me, she’s a beast!”

Favourite meals

“I’ll totally crumble for a gooey chocolate chip cookie with a tall glass of fat free milk. But besides that, I love steamed squash so much.”

Motivational Mantra

 ”We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”- Kurt Vonnegut 

Favourite Workout

I love weightlifting!”


Fun Facts about Katie

 “I’m a Gemini, so I’m kind of a jack of all trades! I really enjoy doing just about anything new.”

Find Katie on PumpUp and Instagram @KatieEliza_  to keep her pumped!

Why self confidence is more important than you think


Why self-confidence is more important than you think

There’s a saying that to wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are. After recovering from an eating disorder, PumpUp member @beckysomerville521 now has a positive body image and she bravely discusses why it’s important to be, first, and foremost, self-confident. 
Self confidence is something that many people lack. It’s perfectly understandable: media outlets and social media networks make us idealize perfectly skinny and fit bodies by throwing them at our faces at every opportunity that they get. One little flaw is shown to be the worst thing.
Nobody is perfect. Many of us fall victim into seeing another person and thinking that, “Wow! She [or he] has the perfect body. I wish I had that.” But what does ‘perfect’ actually mean? There is nothing wrong with having someone else’s body as a goal, but you should never put yourself down by comparing yourself to others.

Being self-confident is such a wonderful thing and it helps with actions and thoughts that impact your everyday life. It helps you get to the gym and work towards that goal body. It helps you feel good in your clothes, even if you feel like you have more improvements to make.
Look in the mirror and say to yourself that you are beautiful, strong and can do anything you put their mind to. A lack of self-confidence can lead to potentially destructive behaviour. According to a fact sheet compiled by Do Something, a US-based non-profit dedicated to youth-driven social change campaigns, 75% of girls with low self confidence reported engaging in negative activities like smoking and disordered eatingversus 25% of girls with high self-esteem. Moreover, Heart of Leadership found that more than 90% of girls between the ages of 15 and 17 want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance, with body weight ranking the highest. Thus, it’s likely that the person whose body you constantly compare yourself to probably doesn’t feel comfortable about themselves just as you do.
Growing up I was never overweight, but to me I felt a lot larger than I was. I had a very hard time in high school thinking that I didn’t look good enough or I wasn’t skinny enough, which led to me having an eating disorder. Eating disorders are not something you just decide to have one day, and they are so dangerous. But like others, I thought this was taking the easy way out. My weight dropped that year, and by the time I began my senior year of high school, I gained a little more confidence.
I spent the next year eating whatever I wanted and never exercising, but actually lost weight due to my fast metabolism. This led me to having an extremely low weight of 92 lbs at 19 years old. After gaining about 25 lbs I lost all my confidence and have only recently increased my self-esteem. But in my head I still look back at that point in time and wish I looked like that sometimes. With more self-confidence, I see that 92 lbs isn’t and should never be a goal weight, and that my current weight isn’t too ‘heavy’ either. I may not be 100% happy with the way my body looks, but that gives me more motivation to reach my goals the right way, by eating healthy and working out! It’s nice to walk around  and be able to say out loud that I’m beautiful. I hope you all can do that because it truly is a wonderful feeling, something I would love to help others towards achieving!
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Why it's important to have a positive body image

This is a post by PumpUp member sandrafitness. Follow her on Instagram @langencita and follow her blog here


Today’s the International day of  ”Imma gonna love myself just a bit more” well no, it’s not.

And yet again, why am I doing this? Well… the other day I got through some very scary statistics, and you may be aware of this, but I think it’s veeeery important to spread the word just a bit more.

According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders in the U.S:

  • Almost 50% of people with eating disorders meet the criteria for depression.
  • Only 1 in 10 men and women with eating disorders receive treatment. Only 35% of people that receive treatment for eating disorders get treatment at a specialized facility for eating disorders.
  • Up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder) in the U.S.
  • Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.
  • 91% of women surveyed on a college campus had attempted to control their weight through dieting. 22% dieted “often” or “always.”
  • 86% report onset of eating disorder by age 20; 43% report onset between ages of 16 and 20.
  • Anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among adolescents.
  • 95% of all dieters will regain their lost weight within 5 years.
  • 35% of “normal dieters” progress to pathological dieting. Of those, 20-25% progress to partial or full-syndrome eating disorders.
  • The body type portrayed in advertising as the ideal is possessed naturally by only 5% of American females. 


Scary, right?

Well, right now we have the power to change this. We can just tell someone else that they are just beautiful the way they are. We have the power – and with power comes responsibility- to change this by growing a generation of new girls and boys, who will not attack anyone by their looks. We can see a new generation, where girls won’t be ashamed for gaining a pound, a society where what’s inside will count more than the way you look. You may think it is not possible, but I am telling you it is.

We can’t just blame media, we need to also blame our selves. We are the ones letting this affecting us, and the ones supporting that. But, we are not gonna be able to teach anything valuable if the concept of a positive body image don’t get into our heads first.  And yes, I include myself, we all need to put a little more effort into this to make it happen. First we need to accept and embrace what we are, learn to love it.


I think I have grown a lot in this sense, but I am not gonna lie, if someone would not like the way I look or would suggest I need to lose some extra pounds. I would surely feel down for some time, and the comment would be stuck in my head.

However, I learnt to fight this by learning to love sport and fitness, not to see it as a punishment. It makes me happy and it really does help with my body perception.

I hope, in a way this was useful to you and that I may have helped one of you.  



This is a post by PumpUp member sandrafitness. Follow her on Instagram @langencita and follow her blog here

Spotlight Series: Paulina F.

Eating disorders and disordered eating are prevalent all around us and remain a pressing issue that at times will remain hidden and concealed. A shocking “1 in 5 women struggle with an eating disorder or disordered eating.” And over 24 million Americans and 70 million people worldwide are struggling with an eating disorder of some kind. 90% of these individuals are between the ages of 16 and 25. We want you to hear’s story. She is a PumpUp member who has gone through a anorexia, bulimia, and depression. To steal a quote from her: I let it break me, I let it win. I didn’t care, nor did I talk about it. I went from being my only friend, to being my own shrink. “ Read on hear about her journey and how Paulina has made the necessary changes to a better, and healthier lifestyle.

Paulina downloaded PumpUp 6 months ago as she was in search for inspiration to start exercising. She didn’t start getting active on PumpUp until 2 months ago because she wanted to join PumpUp’s positive community and was in need of some motivation.


As we mentioned before, Paulina is one of our members who has struggled with an eating disorder. We wanted to talk to her to hear her experience, how she overcame it, and to have her story be an example of perseverance and strength for anyone else reading this or struggling with similar issues. She shares with us what her life was like with an ED:

“Around Easter time of last year, I started engaging in bulimic behaviour. At this point it wasn’t so bad. I acted normal most of the time, was with my friends, I went to school and did homework. On the surface everything was normal. However, I was binging and purging up to 5 times a week. If I had time after school before my mom came home, I would go to the store, buy some ice cream, and eat the entire tub. I kept on eating even if I felt like my stomach was going to explode. My stomach would literally hurt.”

When summer came around Paulina fell into the pattern of anorexic behaviour. “I almost didn’t eat. For breakfast I would have an apple, sometimes I would eat a carrot too. For lunch I would eat a slice of bread or a biscuit and for dinner I would have whatever my mom made. Then I would just eat a bread slice at night so my parents wouldn’t start to worry. Sometimes I would pretend that I made myself some evening food, and take the bread to my room, just to go put it back afterwards. 


I went from 72 kg to 65 kg in a couple of weeks. That was my goal weight, but I wasn’t happy with my body at all. I managed to stay at that weight more or less the whole summer, but the last two weeks I binged and my weight went right back to 72kg. I was so sad, and when school started, I began getting depressed. I thought about food constantly, and I got more and more isolated from my friends, especially my best friend. She knew about my ED, but she didn’t know what to do since I wouldn’t talk about it.”

Eventually Paulina started to turn things around and take control of her body, finally realizing the kind of behaviour she was engaging in was unhealthy and causing a ton of harm to her body. So in October Paulina joined a gym and began training 3-4 times a week.  She tells us, “I mostly did cardio for 40 minutes and some strength exercises for 20 minutes.”

Although Paulina was starting to exercise and get active she tells us that the time between October and January was the point she was at her lowest, as her depression was completely consuming her. “My depression was bad, and I just didn’t want to be here anymore. I did things I’m not proud of, but I don’t regret them because at that time they helped. It limited the pain. I cried myself to sleep almost every night, and I knew I needed help, but I didn’t do anything about it. I thought I deserved it. I felt like a terrible person, and I didn’t have any interest in getting better. “


We asked Paulina how exactly she persevered through her ED’s. Her answer was honest,  “To answer how I battled my ED and my depression, I didn’t. I let it break me, I let it win. I didn’t care, nor did I talk about it. I went from being my only friend, to being my own shrink.” Paulina decided to change by herself by analyzing every part of her life. She looked back and tried to figure out how she had gotten that bad. She did this alone and without help because she didn’t want her parents to find out. Paulina says, “I didn’t want them to know. I really just don’t want them to feel like they are bad parents, because I love them.  For now Paulina says, “I just take one day at a time, and I am now starting to feel like this little part of me (my depression) is slowly crawling back to wherever it came from.”

With this change, Paulina started to exercise 5-6 times a week. She tells us, “ I feel like PumpUp has helped me maintain that exercise level. I’m a lot more confident about my body now because of the amazing community.  I use PumpUp almost every day, tracking my activity and seeing how many calories I burn.” As Paulina said earlier, when she used to go to the gym she would mainly focus on her cardio. Now, she barely stays on the treadmill for 10 minutes. She loves weight lighting. “I feel like weightlifting is therapy for me, and I feel like it’s a way for me to deal with my depression. Now I also train for about 2 hours most of the times I’m at the gym.”

Paulina’s habits and tendencies have not just disappeared; she still struggles with her ED’s and her thoughts daily. “I try to eat as healthy I can, but it’s not easy. I sometimes go 5 hours (or more) without eating because I feel bad about myself. Sometimes I eat more than I should, eating a bit of chocolate here and some cookies there. Normally I drink a detox water before breakfast, I eat oatmeal or bread for breakfast and/or for lunch. Then I have a little snack, nuts or something like that, when I come home. For dinner I eat whatever my Mommy serves. After I have been to the gym, I eat a banana or a yogurt. When I come home I will probably have some bread. In Norway we eat a lot of bread, if you didn’t notice.” The best news of all? Paulina has almost totally stopped binging and purging, progress.


Paulina’s Favourites:

Favourite Part About PumpUp: “The community! They are so supportive, nice and sweet. When I have a bad day, I love looking at comments and I instantly feel better about myself and gain the motivation to keep going.”

Fave Snack: “I’m in love with yogurtnuts! Not very healthy, I know, but it’s delicious. Besides that, I am a grape and strawberries freak! 

Go to Meal: “It’s so hard to pick just one. I love food, but at the same time I am super picky. If I am going to choose it has to be oatmeal with cinnamon (and butter and sugar when I am cheating).”

#1 Drink: “Water! I love water. My brother in law always teases me because I always say no to soda!”

Fave Motivational Saying: “Strive for progress, not perfection.” It’s so true. I think that in our world, people are too busy thinking about where they want to be, rather than looking on how far they have come. This includes me. It wasn’t until I started using PumpUp, that I looked at my progress. When looking back at old pictures I hadn’t realized how much my body had changed in six months.”

Favourite Exercise: “The hip thrust! I love how my butt hurts when I finish one set. My friend and I do it at the end of every workout. It’s so funny because when she finishes her set, she sighs so loud… I laugh every time! I love squats, deadlifts, back extension etc. I am strongest in my legs and my lower back, so I feel kind of confident when I lift heavy.”


Struggling with an ED? Well Paulina shares with you what helped her get through it and start to change her life.

“Well, I’m probably not the best person to answer this, since I handled it pretty bad, and in a very isolated way. My advice to you is to not give up, because it will get better. I know how meaningless those words are. They are BS as I liked to call them. I was super convinced that it wouldn’t get any better. I couldn’t imagine that my best friend and me would ever be best friends again, but now we do everything together again.”

Another thing that helped Paulina with her ED was thinking about all the unhealthy side effects. She tells us, “I was terrified of my teeth. Throwing up can really damage your teeth, and I kept picturing ugly teeth and then I wouldn’t do it so much.  I also figured that if I wanted to look the way l wanted, I had to train, and if I was going to train hard I had to eat right. One morning I jogged without eating breakfast, and I thought I was going to die because I hadn’t nourished my body.”

That’s not all that helped Paulina push through; PumpUp has also played a role. “The community is so supportive! If you are unsecure about your body, you should try posting a picture, you may get many nice words!”



When Paulina first started using PumpUp her goal was to start feeling more comfortable in her own skin. She says, “The PumpUp Fam is so sweet, and have lovely words. But now I also want to make others more confident. I love checking out other peoples profiles and commenting on them. I think of how good I feel after reading a comment, and I want others to feel like that too.” 

Paulina’s biggest motivation to keep pushing hard is the thought of completely overcoming her ED. Paulina notes, “I don’t want to be scared of relapsing. I don’t want to feel like I’m weak and that I cannot handle some adversity. I am also motivated by my progress. To see how far you’ve come, makes you see how far you can go.”

Paulina’s battle is still a constant struggle. As she mentions, the number on the scale is just a number but it is still hard to get over that. Paulina says, “I struggled coming to terms that my previous goal weight is not ideal for me. 7 kg down is not that realistic if I am going to gain muscles. A year ago I was at my original goal weight, 65kg. But that was the period I almost never ate. I know that you shouldn’t look at the scale as a goal, but being tall (177cm) I weight a lot more than my friends, and I feel/felt like a giant around them.”


Something Interesting About Paulina:

“I speak sign language and I am a CODA (Child OF Deaf Adults)! My mom, dad, sister, brother in law and my oldest nephew are all deaf. While my niece, our newest family member, my nephew, and I are the only hearing ones in my family hear in Norway.  So pretty much everyone I know through my parents are deaf, and I’m very happy to be a part of the deaf community.

Fun Fact: Love dancing around in my room with the music blasting on my stereo! My parents don’t even notice ;)”

We are so proud and grateful of the fact that Paulina is one of our many amazing PumpUp Members. We are moved by her story and the fact that she let everyone take such a close look into her life as well as her struggle and ongoing battle with ED’s. Keep up your amazing work and be proud of everything you have accomplished, we certainly are. Give Paulina a follow on PumpUp @paulibf so you can be apart of her journey. 

Spotlight Series: Sofia Y.

Today on the PumpUp blog we got to know Sofia and uncovered the many layers that this amazing 18 year-old from NY truly has. Ever thought about going vegan? Sofia talks all about her vegan lifestyle and why it works for her. Have you struggled with body image or an eating disorder? Yep, Sofia tells us how she battled her anorexia and bulimia. You know you want to learn about Sofia’s story, so keep reading! 

Sofia joined the PumpUp Fam in March of this year, she learned about it from people on Instagram saying how great it was. Sofia says, “I didn’t want to post too much exercising stuff and food stuff on my Instagram because I felt like my friends would think that I was trying to be like a health-freak or something like that. PumpUp is a great community; it made me feel comfortable and I love its positive vibes and how everyone’s so nice and supportive.”

We wanted to know what Sofia’s life was like before she began using PumpUp and a lot was different. “Last year I was still a meat eater, even though I did try vegetarianism and pescetarianism (eat fish) for around 2 weeks each. However, I was still eating junk food.” Food was an especially difficult area for Sofia as she had been battling eating disorders. She lets us know, “I struggled with eating disorders, mainly bulimia, which developed from anorexia. I’ve tried not eating ANYTHING, which led me to water fasting for 14 days straight. My mind was messed up. I cried everyday and I was so hungry. It was terrible.” Sofia’s workouts were also inconsistent, “I would focus a lot on my cardio because I thought lifting weights would make me look “manly”, and I didn’t want to have any muscles. I wanted to be skinny like models. I would always come back home from school in the afternoon and search for unhealthy snack. Donuts, croissants, cookies, chips, cakes, muffins, you name it.” This was Sofia’s life last year, and she has definitely grown and changed as a person. She began to embark on a journey that was healthy for the long-term.

Since January of 2014 Sofia started to really kick it into high gear. She says, “I met this guy who was super fit and healthy, so he really inspired me to be my best as well. I started training 5-6x a week. I fell in love with it and I fell in love with that man who supported me. I started practicing yoga. Of course I still couldn’t do a headstand then. But one night 2 weeks later, I was trying it, and I succeeded.” That one night got Sofia hooked on yoga, and as she says, “I became addicted to yoga and the beauty of it. I started to practice every single day for at least an hour.”

Sofia’s struggles with her appearance didn’t just go away overnight either. She tells us that despite working out she was binging almost every night. Finally she decided to try something new and that was veganism.  She says, “I’ve tried it before last year at one point for 2 weeks, and it worked really well. I loved how this diet made me feel, so I officially transitioned into veganism around February, 2014.” Sofia watched a ton of videos, documentaries, read books, and questioned experts, that all made her realize a vegan lifestyle was one that suited her perfectly. Being vegan helped Sofia stay conscious and aware of animals, nature, our food markets, and most of all what she was putting into her body.

“After joining PumpUp in March, I was already well into my healthy routine, but being apart of the PumpUp community gave me more motivation and reasons to stick with it.” Sofia explains to us how other PumpUp members have coached her along the way. She says, “The members of PumpUp act as if they are my couch cheering me on through my workouts, I’d feel so useless if I couldn’t finish my workout! Seriously though, PumpUp has really helped me stay on track, stay healthy, eat the right foods, do the right thing, and most of all be the best that I can be.”

Want to know how Sofia lives her days now? “I wake up early in the morning to hit the gym and workout. Then I come back home, shower and get ready. I make myself a nice smoothie and drink it while driving to school. That’s my morning… and I FREAKING LOVE IT.” We love your transition into a way healthier lifestyle and a healthier person Sofia, keep it up!

Why Sofia Turned Vegan and Why It Works:

“One saying really stuck with me, “If you can’t stand the way how your food’s made, don’t eat it.” I can’t stand the meat factories, and the horrible environments where they keep the animals before they are butchered. I can’t stand the genetically modified food they feed to the animals so they grow fatter, so they have more meat to serve to consumers. I can’t stand watching innocent animals die because WE want to eat a burger, a NY strip steak, or a chicken Parmesan. So that’s why I decided to become a vegan. I became a vegan to boycott meat or any animal products. I don’t feel the need to have that kind of food, and I can get just enough nutrition from plants. My motto? Don’t ask me about my protein if you don’t want me to ask you about your cholesterol ;)

I receive my protein through leafy greens, beans, and tofu. I receive my vitamins and carbs through fruits and starchy plants like potatoes and rice. I receive my fats from fruits like avocado and spreads like hummus. I stopped limiting my calories.

I used to limit myself to only having no more than 500-1000cal a day to now unlimited (around 2000-3000 calories.) And want to know the best part? I have not gained any fat weight. I’ve gained muscle and lost fat overall. I feel much healthier, stronger, happier, and more awake. I can wake up in the morning without feeling greasy because of the food I ate from last night. I can eat 2 bowls of rice or a whole basket of oven baked no-oil, no-salt potato fries without feeling guilty. And that is awesome.”

Sofia’s Favourites:

Fave Part About PumpUp: “I love being able to communicate with all the lovely members of PumpUp. I love it when people comment on my post, something about that just makes me so happy. I love it when people ask me questions about anything from “How did you start yoga?” or  ”Where you get that mason jar?” I love to inspire and be inspired by people.”

Best Advice: “Do not give up. Even if your progress is slow as hell, just keep doing what you are doing (ok, maybe kick it up a level), but keep doing your thing, don’t care about what people think of you. You WILL be rewarded.”

Go To Drink: “Oh you better believe my favourite drink is my chocolate banana smoothie! It is so delicious and easy to make. Just blend bananas, cocoa powder, and water together.”

Fave Meal/Snack: “One of my favourite meals is curry vegetables/tofu with rice and my 2 favourite snacks are watermelon and avocado on bread.”

Motivational Saying: “Don’t give a shit about what people think and what they say, just keep doing your thing, just keep working through it. Dance with it. Flow with it.”

Sofia’s Frappana Recipe:

“It’s a smoothie-coffee blend my friend and I invented. Basically blend your freshly brewed black coffee, banana, agave syrup/coconut sugar, and any kind of non-diary milk together. Super easy and yummy. Perfect on a Monday morning when you just need that kick of caffeine but you also want that sweet fruity smoothie as well. I have a video of it on my Instagram for everyone that wants to take a look!”

Want to know who motivates Sofia to keep pushing and living her healthy life? That’s easy, “My biggest motivation is my boyfriend, he’s also a member of this app! Also my friend, who I’ve inspired to start this healthy lifestyle. She became obsessed with working out and lifting weights as well. We would show each other our progress and gains.”

In starting her journey Sofia has learned to do a ton more cool ways to do handstands and headstands. She says, “I’m much more flexible than before, and definitely workout at least 6x a week now. Even on rest day I’d have the urge to workout cause I’m just so used training being part of my day and posting it on PumpUp right after.” And we love that you post – because seeing your pics motivate all of us! What is in store for Sofia now and what does she want to accomplish? “I hope to lose more body fat, gain more muscles, and be more flexible.”

With any success comes hard work and at times we have setbacks. Sofia understands this first hand. She says, “Because of my eating disorder history, I have to remind myself that I’ve come so far and I don’t want to go back to that horrible days. I’ve worked so hard to build up the healthy body of mine. I don’t want to screw it up again. I have to fight through my cravings of eating junk food like bakery goods (they are my weakness). I found a vegan bakery and satisfied my sweet tooth there. One time I wanted to eat fries so badly I ran out in the pouring rain and drove to Burger King’s drive-thru just to get a large order of French fries. Did I feel disgusting afterwards? Yes. Did I sort of regret it? Yes. But I get that we are only human, we all have setbacks. The next day I just get right back on track. I hit the gym like I normally would and I sweat all those negativities out.”

To stay active Sofia hits up the gym a lot, and also walks her dog everyday. She goes out with friends to the beach and they do yoga and go paddle boarding. She says, “I just try to be fun while being active. I don’t necessarily need to go the gym and seriously train but I like it.”

More About Sofia:

“I am trying to become a yoga instructor, but it costs a ton of money to take those classes, so I’m still figuring out. I just graduated high school and I’ll be starting university in September for a Pharmacy major. I’m also an artist. Well, I don’t want to speak too highly of myself because there’s always room for improvement and growth, but I do like to believe I draw and paint pretty well.

I play piano as well, stop attending lessons after I’ve reach NYSMA level 7. Unlike a lot of girls, I love to watch sports and not just to watch those good-looking players running around with a ball. A ticket to see the world cup would be a dream come true!”

We at PumpUp LOVE everything about your journey Sofia. We are so proud with how far you have come and how you have turned your life around to be so much healthier. Sharing your story, your pics and your knowledge on PumpUp is so inspiring and we hope you keep all of your hard work up. Follow Sofia @sofiayang1204 because she’s just all around awesome.