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Naturally Kai's Tips for a Healthier 2015

THE meal prep, fitness, and motivation tips you’ll remember throughout the New Year

This is a post by PumpUp member naturallykai. With the motivation from the pumpupapp, she was able to reach her goal weight for her wedding! Check out her excellent YouTube channel.

I’m kicking off the year by discussing health and fitness.  Health and fitness are two areas of life that can be challenging for many, so I hope to inspire you to continue or start your very own fitness journey.

I meal prep at least two large bowls of fruit salad and mixed green salad each week to save time and make sure that I eat healthy. I demonstrate how to prepare them here:

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my progress through meal prep alone. I elaborate upon these three tips for a healthier 2015 in the video below, and discuss how the PumpUp community helped me to achieve my goals:

  • Finding what works for you
  • Setting large and small fitness goals
  • Being more active

If you are starting or continuing a fitness journey, use the hashtag #gethealthy2015 to share your experiences!

Alright loves, I’ll chat with you soon :)

- @naturallykai

How to Kick-start your Healthy Lifestyle

Post by PumpUp member @jennoshealth. Follow her journey on her fantastic blog!

A lot of people think that this whole “healthy thing” is too much of an effort and only for certain people. FALSE 

A healthy lifestyle is for everyone: regardless of age, weight, belief, height etc. It's never too early nor too late to start eating and living right.

Get it…kick-start?
  1. Add, don’t take away. A lot of people think they need to cut out foods/drinks. It’s easier and realistic to add more nutritious foods than take away the bad ones. Try adding a fresh fruit to your dessert before totally cutting out the meal. It’s a lifestyle not a diet. 
  2. Ask questions. We’re human: we mess up and we don’t know everything. Therefore, we should thirst to know more about Health & Fitness. Your lifestyle change will be effective when it is informed because you know exactly what and why your doing what you do. To start, immerse yourself in YouTube videos and articles about healthy living.
  3. Set mini goals. You’re more likely to attain smaller goals than one end goal. When you accomplish a small goal you’ll feel more inspired to complete the next one and the next. This next stage in your life will more likely be a lifestyle change rather than a transient phase. Instead of telling yourself that you will “lose 15 pounds”, a more realistic goal would be Try go on each cardio machine in the gym for 15 minutes 3-4 times a week. Catch my drift? 
  4. When I lost all of my excuses I found all of my results. Motivation doesn’t last, determination does. You need to find time in that hectic schedule of yours, after all it is your health and you are responsible. No gym? No problem! You have all you need there are tons of free workouts eg. PumpUp out there. People didn’t post it for the good of their health, they did it to help you! 
I hope this comes in handy when you start that healthy lifestyle. It isn’t difficult at all, tons of people are doing it so why aren’t you? 


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3 ways to transform negativity into positivity


This is a post by PumpUp’s @toafitme. Follow her blog here.

Hi PumpUp fam! Since we are talking about being positive throughout the month of December (and the months thereafter), I’ll be sharing about the negative thoughts I had during my weight-loss and fitness journey and how I managed to overcome them. These three pointers will absolutely help you to transform negativity into positivity (and trust me, I speak from experience). 


When I first started my weight-loss journey, I used to be very insecure about my physical appearance. I was inundated with pictures of ‘hot’ and skinny girls on Instagram, on blogs, and on all other social media platforms, and this made me feel much worse.  I would compare myself to them. I would constantly ask myself why I didn’t have a body like theirs. Sometimes, I was even so depressed that I skipped my meals.

One day, I decided that instead of dreaming about the body that I always wanted to have, my time was much better spent focusing on my own fitness journey. Instead of comparing myself to others, I told myself that since they could do it, I could do it too. This motivates me even till now and I always remind myself about it. I can’t stress this enough: STOP COMPARING YOURSELF! Love your own body and start doing something about it instead! 


During a weight-loss/ fitness journey, there are moments when we think about of giving up. It could happen when we’re running, working out, or even during simple acts such as when we feel guilty about eating unhealthy food.  I personally found myself wanting to give up whenever I was running. My thoughts played out like this: “I didn’t have enough sleep, so I should just stop here. I don’t think I could do it anymore.”  

Want to kill those negative thoughts? Don’t give into them. Once these thoughts occur, do not stop what you are doing. Tell yourself that these are all excuses and you should not put a limit to yourself. I often found the phrase “mind over body” true, and it really does push myself to strive for my best potential. After all your hard work, you will definitely feel a great sense of accomplishment! The key here is to really believe in yourself and affirm that you can. You definitely can overcome these negative thoughts and push yourself for the best.


Lastly, the most important element of any fitness or weight-loss journey is to be patient. We often tend to expect results after putting in minimal effort or we often give up after we see little or no results. During this journey, we need to learn to be patient. At certain times, I get upset by the fact that my weight increased instead of dropping; or that my abs were not as defined as the day before.

It is crucial that we should not give up at this moment and we have to keep reminding ourselves that we should be patient. Health and fitness is not about a matter of time it takes to achieve a goal, but about the process or progress it takes to get us there. When we continue to believe in what we are doing and persevere, we will eventually achieve our goals.

I hope that you all will find these tips useful and that you will become more positive during your fitness / weight-loss journey!