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This is the only leg day workout you'll ever need

One does not simply walk after leg day (specifically after this leg day workout from pumpupapp member heity_fitness!)

  • Smith squats (4x10) 
  • Hip thrusters, squeezing glutes at the top (4 x 10) 
  • Leg presses (4x10) 
  • Hip abductors (4x15)
  • Hamstring curls (4x10) 
  • Push downs on the pull-up machine (4x15) 
  • Cable kick backs (4 x10) 

See all the moves in the video above! 

Get sweaty with this superbowl partner workout

Get PUMPED before the Superbowl. Regardless if you’re watching the game or not, we challenge you to reblog this video and see if you can squeeze this workout in before the game starts. GO!