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4 things that worked for me throughout my weight-loss journey

This is a post by PumpUp’s @toafitme. Follow her blog here.

The start of a fitness and weight-loss journey is one thing. Maintaining it  is another. Here are a few tips to help you throughout the process! Please do note that these nuggets of advice are what I personally find to be useful. They might not work on everyone, it depends on your own body!

Diet Tips

#01. Eating clean.


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When I first started my fitness journey, I did a lot of research about eating clean. I am sure many of you are still a little confused about what does the term ‘eating clean’ means. ‘Eating clean’ basically means that you have to remove all different types of processed food from your diet, including white rice, white noodles or even white flour! You can always replace the carbs with brown rice, wholemeal spaghetti and many other healthier options such as quinoa! More information about eating clean can always be found online: do research to see what works for you before you start. With healthy, mindful eating, you’ll have a flat belly in no time. 

#02. Calories and portion control

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I often ‘starved’ myself when I was trying to lose weight fast. However, I ended up gaining back all the weight I lost immediately after I began eating normally again. Please do not be overly obsessive with calories counting (if you are), as it may be detrimental to your health! What you should really focus on is what type of food you are putting into your belly, and exercise portion control! 

When I was inflicted with dengue fever, I took this opportunity to control the content and portions of my meals, despite being too weak to exercise. Here are the results:


(left: 1.5 week ago, right: today, with slimmer waistline!)

Fitness Tips

#01. Fasted cardio.


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I would always try to incorporate fasted cardio into my exercise routine at least once a week! Fasted cardio simply means that you work out right after you wake up in the morning, even before breakfast! I find that fasted cardio usually makes me feel more energetic throughout the day and it really does help to burning fat around your tummy! However, do keep in mind that the duration of fasted cardio should not exceed 40 minutes, as you might end up burning muscle rather than fat before you consume your breakfast!

#02. Cardio after weight-lifting

As we all know, weight-lifting enables us to burn more fat and it helps us to increase our metabolism rate as well. I would always try to do some weights before heading out for some cardio exercises to feel that extra burn after my muscles feel sore from the weight-lifting workouts. Incorporating both cardio and weight-lifting together actually does help to burn fat at a faster rate . 

These are the 4 main tips I have today for you! I hope you find these tips useful and I wish you all the best to a fitter and healthier you! We can do this together. Stay tuned for more of my posts as I will be sharing more tips and delicious recipes soon! 


This is a post by PumpUp’s @toafitme. Follow her blog here